Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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Times Square plaza improves air quality
Wall Street Journal - 04/13/2011
Americans prefer smart growth communities
Smart Planet - 04/05/2021
Pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods lessen obesity risk
Herald Sun Australia - 03/30/2011
Rome unveils plan to transform into green capital
Bloomberg Businessweek - 05/31/2010
LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system launches
BuildingOnline - 05/19/2010
Uptown scores on walkability
San Deigo News Room - 01/05/2021
Bay Area Transportation Commission Starts Climate Sustainability Fund
Streetsblog San Francisco - 12/21/2009
Message From Copenhagen: Climate Plan Must Include Walkable Urbanism
Streetsblog Capitol Hill - 12/09/2021
Portland establishes Climate Action Plan
New York Times - 11/02/2021
Researchers discover links between city walkability and air pollution exposure
UM News - 10/30/2009

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