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Moderate exercise such as walking 'boosts memory power'
BBC News - 01/31/2011
Rail Appears to Encourage Non-Automobile Commutes
The Transport Politic - 10/13/2010
Walking, biking combat obesity
The Herald News - 09/13/2010
Walking Linked to Easing Arthritis
Insciences Organisation - 02/24/2010
Bikers, walkers, drivers: Can't they all get along? - 11/04/2021
Street becomes mall for strollers on an autumn morning
The Baltimore Sun - 10/26/2009
Walking: Good for body, mind, soul
The Herald News - 07/15/2009
Puyallup looks to improve walkability in city
The News Tribune - 06/01/2021
Walkable communities promote health and save money
The Tribune - 10/08/2021
Walking advocate offers advice for healthier lifestyle
Longmont Times-Call - 09/17/2008
Pedestrians key to new downtown
The Arizona Republic - 07/22/2008
Test-walker shows way to explore city
Post-Bulletin - 07/21/2008
City hopes pedestrian bridge supports downtown growth
The Edmond Sun - 04/17/2008
Welcome, walkers
Courier-Journal - 03/27/2008
A movement afoot
Tulsa World - 03/07/2021
Earth Hour: Small steps could go a long, long way
The Star - 03/03/2021
County works on bike, pedestrian trail plan
River Falls Journal - 01/25/2008
Active seniors help themselves, the environment
The Record - 10/16/2007
Walking guru rates SLC
The Salt Lake Tribune - 09/11/2021
South Oakland Family YMCA promotes special program
Daily Tribune - 09/03/2021
Web site rates neighborhoods for 'walkability'
Chattanooga Publishing Company, Inc. - 08/30/2007
Walking group cruises the streets of Kent
The Seattle Times - 08/26/2007
Rochester Needs Livable, Walkable Space, Not Parking
PostBulletin - 08/08/2021
'Complete Streets' Program Gives More Room for Pedestrians, Cyclists
USA Today - 07/30/2007
Narrowed Roads Gain Acceptance in Colo., Elsewhere
USA Today - 07/30/2007
Measure your Neighborhood Walkability
Urban Planning Blog - 07/18/2007
A rolling riverfront and charming shops
The Detroit Free Press - 07/11/2021
Mixed-use complex could revitalize CDC area
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution - 07/10/2021
Bogota's Urban Happiness Movement - 06/25/2007
DOT Survey Reveals Some Surprises
Seattle Times - 06/25/2007
Make Rochester a haven for walkers
PostBulletin - 06/15/2007

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