Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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Downtown Bellevue Walking Tours Planned to Help Improve the Pedestrian Experience
Bellevue Patch - 11/29/2011
UTA wants to be national leader in pedestrian safety
The Salt Lake Tribune - 09/09/2021
More homebuyers want walkable, transit-served communities
Greater, Greater Washington - 08/18/2011
Parks Officials Propose More Paths from T Stops to Historic Sites
Beacon Hill Patch - 08/14/2011
Public Buses Warn Pedestrians to Watch Where They Step
Government Technology - 03/02/2021
Rail Appears to Encourage Non-Automobile Commutes
The Transport Politic - 10/13/2010
Bikers, walkers, drivers: Can't they all get along? - 11/04/2021
Des Moines buses now have alarms
Des Moines Register - 11/02/2021
Portland establishes Climate Action Plan
New York Times - 11/02/2021
Researchers discover links between city walkability and air pollution exposure
UM News - 10/30/2009

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