Updated Web site on Accessible Pedestrian Signals

News Brief

March 10, 2021

CHAPEL HILL, NC – An updated Web site on the best practices of Accessible Pedestrian Signals has been launched at www.apsguide.org.

An Accessible Pedestrian Signal is "a device that communicates information about pedestrian timing in nonvisual format such as audible tones, verbal messages, and/or vibrating surfaces (MUTCD, Section 4A.02)."

Sections within the Web site include:

The content of the Web site is a product of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program Project 3-62, Guidelines for Accessible Pedestrian Signals. This research study used extensive field testing to determine which APS features and locations are most beneficial for blind and visually impaired pedestrians. The web site content was adapted from the print document produced by the NCSHP study, entitled Accessible Pedestrian Signals: A Guide to Best Practices.