Guide available to help create pedestrian-friendly transit environments

News Brief

June 23, 2021

CHAPEL HILL, NC — The Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety has released a new guide, the Pedestrian Safety Guide for Transit Agencies, to assist transit agencies in working to create safe environments for pedestrians.

Transit agencies play a critical role in making conditions safe for pedestrians traveling to and from transit stops. While the primary goal of transit providers is to carry passengers, ensuring the physical safety of passengers is vital to the success of any transit system. This is true both while passengers are on board a transit vehicle as well as when they are accessing the system.

The Pedestrian Safety Guide for Transit Agencies is intended to provide transit agency staff with an easy-to-use resource for improving pedestrian safety. The guide emphasizes the importance of solving pedestrian safety issues through partnerships with state and local transportation agencies, municipalities, and road users.

The Guide includes a variety of approaches to address common pedestrian safety issues that are likely to arise near transit stations, bus stops, and pedestrian facilities leading to transit facilities. It provides references to other publications and tools for use in identifying pedestrian safety problems. Descriptions of engineering, education, and enforcement treatments and programs that have been effectively applied by transit agencies are included, as well as background information about pedestrian safety and access to transit. The Guide also includes case studies illustrating how transit agencies successfully improved pedestrian safety.

To view a PDF or order a hard copy of the Transit Guide, please visit

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