PBIC-Produced Library Materials

document Making Streets Safer for Seniors on Foot, Highway Safety Research Center
Older walkers face the same dangers as younger pedestrians but often have less physical agility to cope with those dangers. This news style article written for the Partnership for a Walkable America discusses the challenges for elderly pedestrians. ...more >
document Perils for Pedestrians, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Monthly public access television show produced in Bethesda educates viewers on pedestrian safety and solution through local and international examples. ...more >
document Phoenix School Safety Program, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Phoenix task force results in successful statewide program for improving pedestrian safety in school zones through education, enforcement, and multiple engineering measures. ...more >
document Elementary School Crosswalk Enhancement Project, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Raised crosswalks, gap-fill sidewalk construction, bollards, and other engineering measures combined with education plaques and brochures to improve pedestrian safety near schools in Bellevue. ...more >
document Cross the Street As If Your Life Depends On It, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Injury Prevention Coalition uses dramatic poster and movie theatre advertisement to inform and educate the public about pedestrian safety in Greater Toronto. ...more >
multimedia Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT), Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, Federal Highway Administration
The Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT) is a crash typing software product intended to assist state and local pedestrian/bicycle coordinators, planners and engineers with improving walking and bicycling safety through the development and analysis of a database containing details associated with crashes between motor vehicles and pedestrians or bicyclists. ...more >
document PEDS Take Back the Streets Project, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Partnership between government agencies and non-profit organizations use broad educational and enforcement measures to improve pedestrian safety and reduce pedestrian fatalities. ...more >
document An Evaluation of Illuminated Pedestrian Push Buttons in Windsor, Ontario, Federal Highway Administration
This paper evaluates illuminated push buttons at four intersections in Windsor, Ontario. The research reported here is part of a larger national effort to evaluate the operational and safety effects of various pedestrian treatments: ...more >
document Comprehensive School-Age Pedestrian Safety Program, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Pedestrian safety integrated into Orange County, Florida, school curriculum and projects through the work of a safety team comprised of police officers, firemen, engineers, school officials, and advocacy group members. ...more >
document Evaluation of Automated Pedestrian Detection at Signalized Intersections, Federal Highway Administration
Automated pedestrian detection systems provide the means to detect the presence of pedestrians as they approach the curb prior to crossing the street, and then "call" the Walk signal without any action required on the part of the pedestrian. ...more >