Complete Streets Policy Analysis 2010

National Complete Streets Coalition

In the last few years, dozens of towns, counties, regions, and states looked at their streets and realized they could be something more. These communities joined a growing nationwide movement coalesced around a simple idea: our streets should work for everyone, of all ages and abilities, regardless of how they travel. This simple idea is "Complete Streets."

The power of the Complete Streets movement is that it fundamentally redefines what a street is intended to do, what goals a transportation agency is going to meet, and how the community will spend its transportation money. It breaks down the traditional separation of 'highways,' 'transit,' and 'biking/walking,' and instead focuses on the desired outcome of a transportation system that supports safe use of the roadway for everyone, by whatever means they are traveling.

This report celebrates and documents the rapid growth of Complete Streets policy adoption and provides a standard analysis of the content of the more than 200 written policies adopted before January 1, 2011. It highlights those policies that come closest to achieving the 'ideal' of our ten policy elements. Our purpose in issuing this report is to provide jurisdictions looking to adopt new policies with guidance and plenty of examples.

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