Guide for Review and Assessment of Local Mobility Plans

A Proposed Practice

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Center for Urban Transportation Research

This research supports implementation of mobility planning requirements in Florida's transportation and growth management legislation, including the Community Renewal Act, HB 697 and HB 7135. The final report and spreadsheet template set forth a proposed practice to guide the review of mobility plans related to these requirements. These materials are also useful for review of local government comprehensive plan amendments aimed at mitigating transportation deficiencies on the Strategic Intermodal System.

The proposed practice applies a series of criteria that represent professionally-accepted best practices for mobility planning and transportation corridor management. The selected criteria are identified in the literature as practices that support the use of alternative modes, advance corridor management objectives for major highway corridors, reduce vehicle miles of travel (VMT), and enhance the multimodal environment. Advancing these criteria through the mobility planning process will also promote more energy-efficient land use patterns and transportation systems that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The spreadsheet template allows local governments and reviewing agencies to assess the proposed mobility plan based upon a point system related to relevant criteria. Weights are assigned by the user to reflect the relative importance of specific criteria to the proposed plan, including a weight of zero that allows users to eliminate criteria from the assessment that are not at all applicable in the local context.

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