Toolbox of Countermeasures and Their Potential Effectiveness for Pedestrian Crashes

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

This issue brief documents estimates of the crash reduction that might be expected if a specific countermeasure or group of countermeasures is implemented with respect to pedestrian crashes. The crash reduction estimates are presented as Crash Reduction Factors (CRFs), sometimes called Accident Modification Factors (AMFs). As some studies reviewed included bicycle crashes in their analysis, some of the crash reduction estimates include bicyclists.

Traffic engineers and other transportation professionals can use the information contained in this issue brief when asking the following types of question: Which countermeasures might be considered at the signalized intersection of Maple and Elm streets, an intersection experiencing a high number of pedestrian crashes? What change in the number of pedestrian crashes can be expected with the implementation of the various countermeasures?

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