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Lack of exercise is one of the main reasons that obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. Organizations across the country are trying to come up with creative ways to get people outside and exercising.


One of the world's best examples of a fun and exciting activity that gets citizens active began in Bogota, Colombia in 1976 with Ciclovia. Ciclovia is an event that occurs every Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm when streets across the city are completely or partially closed to automobile traffic and open to walkers, bicyclist and skaters. After over twenty years of operation the program has proved to be a huge success. Today over 70 miles of streets are closed and over two million people participate each Sunday, which is one-third of the city's population. The citizens can get their exercise on the streets or by joining one of the multiple free fitness classes that are offered on several different stages throughout the city.

The idea of Ciclovia has spread, not only to several other cities in Colombia, but also to Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, France and Canada.

Cities in the United States are also beginning or considering a Ciclovia program. Las Cruces, New Mexico had its first Ciclovia on March 30, 2021 from 8 am to noon, and has held the event once a month since the kick off. Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois are in the planning phases for their own Ciclovia with Portland holding its first event in June, 2008 while Chicago is still gaining support for theirs.


This program has proven to be a great success in Colombia and other parts of the world. Citizens who participate in Ciclovia praise the how the program gets people out and moving, allows them to meet other citizens, and permits them to see the city in a way in a unique way.

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