Making Roads Safe for Pedestrians or Keeping them Out of the Way?

An Historical Perspective on Pedestrian Policies in Britain

Transportation Research Board

"Pedestrian issues have become one of the most important considerations in the planning of urban transport schemes. The policies that exist to manage the interaction between pedestrians and vehicles have evolved over a time period that parallels the growth in motor vehicle traffic with many policies predating motorisation. Many of these policies are currently being re-examined and studied in more detail. With current developments in mind, it is important to understand how existing policies originated. This paper is an effort to clarify an otherwise obscure picture of an often-neglected part of transport history. Three main issues are specifically explored: the development of footpaths, pedestrian crossings and road safety with the aim of providing an understanding of how this development can provide perspectives on current pedestrian policies."

Filed in: Engineering, Promoting Walking and Bicycling, Plans and Policies, Crashes and Safety

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