A Study of Land Use, Transportation, Air Quality, and Health (LUTAQH) in King County, WA

Final Report

Lawrence Frank & Co., GeoStats, Inc, San Diego State University, University of Cincinnati

King County is the first local government to fund a study of this kind - a study that explores the links among the built environment, mobility, air quality and public health. These study findings will be used to inform policy and investment decisions. Through its collaboration with the Neighborhood Quality of Life Study (NQLS, funded by the National Institutes of Health), LUTAQH is one of the first studies to comprehensively examine land use, transportation, air quality, and health as part of a single effort. LUTAQH establishes a baseline of existing measures of land use, transportation investment, travel choices, and explores how these factors are associated with air quality, climate change and health.

Filed in: Community Problems and Solutions, Engineering, Health, Promoting Walking and Bicycling, Plans and Policies, Why Walk or Bike

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