Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Federal Highway Administration

The Federal Highway Administration's Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner is a FREE ready-made toolkit of outreach materials that States and communities can customize and use locally. The threefold purpose of the campaign is to (1) sensitize drivers to the fact that pedestrians are legitimate road users and should always be expected on or near the roadway, (2) educate pedestrians about minimizing risks to their safety, and (3) develop program materials to explain or enhance the operation of pedestrian facilities, such as crosswalks and pedestrian signals.

The Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner includes materials designed for use in television, radio, cinema, and print advertising. Some of the materials included are available in both English and Spanish. States and local communities would be responsible for implementing the campaign through local television and radio stations and print medias. A Campaign Planning Step by Step Guide that explains in detail how to implement the campaign successfully at the local level is also included.

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