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Pedestrian safety receives little attention and funding in South Carolina. Perhaps as a result, pedestrian fatality rates per 100,000 residents are fourth highest in the nation.

The Upstate region of South Carolina is a rapidly-growing, six-county area situated between Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. Upstate Forever is a non-profit organization committed to promoting sustainable development in this area of South Carolina.

Upstate Forever organized a series of seven presentations by pedestrian expert Dan Burden given on March 11 and 12, 2003. The presentations were designed to focus on pedestrian issues in Upstate South Carolina and targeted at public officials, transportation engineers, and the public at large. The approximate cost of the event was $10,000 for speaker fees, material distribution, and various other expenses. Some of the cost was offset by public and private endorsers who each contributed $100.

More than 500 people attended the events, which received noteworthy coverage in several area newspapers. Policymakers are beginning to explore ways to improve pedestrian access in various communities. One Upstate city council passed a resolution to "express City Council's commitment to pedestrian oriented design concepts in sidewalks, streets, and streetscapes, and to provide for review of existing land development regulations and related procedures." In addition, one city planner asked Upstate Forever to help design a pedestrian-oriented downtown redevelopment plan.

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Image Source: Institute of Transportation Engineers Pedestrian Project Awards Application. Walkable Communities, Inc.

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