Walk Oakland! Map and Guide

Oakland, California

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)


Oakland residents lacked a comprehensive guide to walking and biking in their city, making it difficult to know the availability and quality of walking and bicycle routes.


A generous grant from the State of California Office of Traffic Safety mandated an education project targeting the general population of pedestrians. After considering options like a toolkit for pedestrian advocates, the Oakland Pedestrian Safety Project decided on a project that would really promote walking: a map!


The map highlights walkways, bikeways, landmarks, civic destinations such as schools and libraries, neighborhood names, historic networks of paths, major transit routes, and street grades. On the back of the map are featured bike and pedestrian safety tips, a primer on pedestrian design improvements, recommended walks, and walking tour information. The 18,000 maps printed were distributed to neighborhoods and community organizations, bookstores, bike shops, schools, and recreation centers.

Map used for the Walk Oakland! Program

The map was created through a mutual effort between the Oakland Heritage Alliance and local volunteers, who all helped survey existing pathways and staircases. City archivists aided in the effort by finding the names of most of Oakland's old neighborhoods. An experienced designer and publisher was contracted to produce the map.

Funded by the State of California Office of Traffic Safety, total costs came to $48,000 including staff time, street grade surveys, map design, and map printing. The project took 6 months from concept to printing.


Walk Oakland! has generated excitement and positive feedback from neighborhood groups and school kids. It is expected that the map will serve as a starting point for further projects to encourage both walking and better pedestrian-friendly design. Demand has been high, and it is expected that another printing will be necessary in the near future.


Thomas Van Demark
Director, Oakland Pedestrian Safety Project
Community and Economic Development Agency
250 Frank H. Ogawa, Suite 3330
Oakland, CA 94612-2032
(510) 238-7049

Image Source

Institute Of Transportation Engineers Pedestrian Project Award Application. Community and Economic Development Agency. http://www.ite.org/awards/pedproject/ppa042.pdf

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