Get Active Orlando

Orlando, Florida

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

The Community Redevelopment Area in downtown Orlando was in need of multi-faceted measures to promote revitalization and community health.

Funded by a grant received in 2004 from Active Living by Design, Get Active Orlando works to encourage and facilitate walking and bicycling in Orlando's downtown Community Redevelopment Area.

Orlando's expansive program, Get Active Orlando, (funded by Active Living by Design) aims to encourage and facilitate walking and bicycling in the downtown area. Get Active Orlando's vision is to establish downtown Orlando and its adjacent neighborhoods as an "Active Living District," with residents, employees, and others in the downtown area routinely making active choices in an environment that encourages safe physical activity. This broad coalition of local agencies, health services, and advocacy groups maintains a particularly strong partnership with local neighborhood association leaders, sending a commissioner to attend every association meeting. Residents may voice concerns and have questions answered through this personal contact and regular newsletters of current events.

The program conducted a "get active" survey of the terrain. One hundred volunteers were equipped with measuring wheels and a checklist to evaluate engineering and aesthetic aspects of the urban walking and bicycling environment. From this initial evaluation, the city developed a downtown pedestrian and bicycle transportation plan that included changes to the current code, particularly regarding pedestrian-friendly building design.

Funding efforts led to $25,000 of gas tax revenue reserved for installing bikeways around the city, and a state grant with matching local funds provides for trails, sidewalk improvements, bike parking, urban gardens, senior walking groups, and more. Community programs such as hip hop and golf classes have also been implemented in response to resident interest. Regular communication between all the partners maintains the strong long-term partnership that drives the initiatives.

Malisa McCreedy, Transportation Planner

Image Source: Active Living By Design.

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