Case Study No. 3: What Needs to Be Done to Promote Bicycling and Walking?

National Bicycling and Walking Study

Federal Highway Administration

Bicycling and walking in the United States contribute a small fraction of their potential as transportation. The automobile dominates all trip types and has become an integral part of our culture. People do not choose bicycling and walking for many reasons, many of which can be overcome with improved facilities, incentives, and automotive distincentives. Effective bicycling and walking promotions are a part of overall transportation and land-use planning; a balanced, multimodal transportaion system serving clustered developments provides the greates potential for bicycling and wakling. Major changes away from automobile-dominated transportation require strong Government support and citizen involvement.

The study examines existing literature with a detailed look at the successful promotional programs undertaken by Portland, Oregon, over the last two decades.

This report is one of twenty-four reports in the National Bicycling and Walking Study series.

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