Case Study No. 2: The Training Needs of Transportation Professionals Regarding the Pedestrian and Bicyclist

National Bicycling and Walking Study

Federal Highway Administration

The places to improve the knowledge of transportation professionals regarding the pedestrian and bicyclist are two-fold, the formal education system, including universities and training program, and the professional literature, both through reference works and journals. In each, there needs to be both integration of pedestirans and bicyclists into the main body of work, and separate specialized treatment of pedestirnas and bicyclists.

This report contains four chapters beyond the introduction. The second chapter reviews standard texts and references used by transportation professionals as well as potential specialized references. It is shown that the more general works give short shrift to human powered transport in favor of motorized modes. The third chapter reviews existing training programs and the owrk of several committees in the field. The fourth chapter presents a syllabus for a course on nonmotorized transportation as might be taught in graduate school or for a continuing education program. The final chapter summarizeds the reviews and makes recommendations for improvements.

This report is one of twenty-four reports in the National Bicycling and Walking Study series.

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