Personal Security Issues in Pedestrian Journeys

The Department for Transport (UK)

"Crime and the fear of crime, particularly for women, older people and people from ethnic minority communities, can deter the use of public transport and walking, especially at night.

"This report is part of the Departments programme of initiatives to improve personal security for both transport passengers and pedestrians. It shows the range of personal security concerns pedestrians have, and describes a number of initiatives which have improved and promoted walking, both as discrete journeys and as links to public transport services. Key lessons and recommendations to promote best practice are also highlighted. Some of the initiatives described show that with imagination, rather than big budgets, a range of effective measures can be achieved. The report underlines the importance of local authorities, transport operators, police forces and other interested groups working together to implement a package of measures to improve peoples experiences and perceptions of the pedestrian environment."

Filed in: Community Problems and Solutions, Promoting Walking and Bicycling, Plans and Policies

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