Oaklyn Borough, NJ Pedestrian/Bicycle Study

Borough of Oaklyn, Camden County New Jersey

"This report presents the results of a bicycle and pedestrian planning study conducted by Urbitran Associates, Inc. for the Borough of Oaklyn located in Camden County. In this final report, Urbitran Associates, Inc. will identify strategies and recommendations for the six (6) locations chosen by the Steering Committee in order to create adequate facilities for both bicyclists and pedestrians. Included in this report are specific recommendations for each location including "Before & After" conceptual sketches. These sketches depict existing conditions and recommended solutions to the deficiencies noted during our field visit (see Appendix A - Intersection Diagrams and Site Photographs). In addition to the diagrams and text of recommendations, an appendix is included which identifies the approximate costs necessary for each of the recommended improvements to the intersections."

Filed in: Community Problems and Solutions, Engineering, Promoting Walking and Bicycling, Plans and Policies

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