GIS Tools for Improving Pedestrian and Bike Safety

Federal Highway Administration

Geographic Information System (GIS) software turns statistical data such as crash frequencies and geographic data such as roadway and crash locations into meaningful information for spatial analysis and mapping. In this project, GIS-based analytical tools were developed to address a series of pedestrian and bicycle safety issues:

* safe routes for walking to school
* selection of streets for bicycle routes
* high pedestrian crash zones

The tools were developed to make it easy for non-GIS specialists to perform similar analysis. A CD_ROM containing these applications is now available. The minimum requirements to run the safety analysis tools include ArcView 3.0 or higher, Network Analyst extension, Spatial Analyst extension, and Windows 95,98, or NT.

To order the CD-ROM, please contact the PBIC at:

These tools were developed with resources of the Highway Safety Information System (HSIS), a program of the FHWA. For more information about HSIS, visit the web site at or contact Carol Tan (, HSIS Program Manager.

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