Enhancing the Pedestrian Travel Environment through ITS Technologies

Highway Safety Research Center

To date, the development and application of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)technologies has primarily focused on motor vehicle safety and mobility. However, recent developments in hardware and other technologies offer the potential of improving pedestrian safety and access by addressing specific problems associated with crossing the street. Properly installed and operated, the application of these devices can enhance the traveling environment.

One of the keys to improving the pedestrian environment through the use of ITS technologies is making the public and those responsible for employing such devices aware of the capabilities and requirements for using such technology. PedSmart is a means of describing the technologies in use and providing links to manufacturers and other resources.

Also available:

  • PedSmart: ITS Applications for Pedestrians. Download below.
  • Pedsmart: the CD ROM experience. This multimedia offers high resolution video and interactive navigation. Order your CD-ROM by sending a request to:

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