Pedestrian Facilities Users Guide

Providing Safety and Mobility

Highway Safety Research Center

The FHWA's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Research Program's overall goal is to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility. From better crosswalks, sidewalks, and pedestrian technologies to expanding public educational and safety programs, the FHWA's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Research Program strives to pave the way for a more walkable future.

The Pedestrian Facilities Users Guide was part of a large FHWA study entitled "Evaluation of Pedestrian Facilities." The guide is the culmination of results from the research conducted as part of the large study. The guide provides useful information regarding walkable environments, pedestrian crashes and their countermeasures, and engineering improvements for pedestrians. This guide will be useful for transportation engineers, planners, and safety professionals who are involved in increasing pedestrian safety and mobility. Citizens may also use this guide for identifying tools to improve the safety and mobility of all who walk.

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