Private Sector Funding Sources

Local Organizations

Shared-use trails have spawned a widespread movement of local non-profit organizations. Many of them have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to plan and construct trails.

Land Trusts

The environmental land trust movement has mushroomed in the past twenty years. Many of these organizations have raised funds to purchase land where trails are built, especially rail-trails.


There is increasing corporate and business involvement in trail and conservation projects. Employers recognize that creating places to bike and walk is one way to build community and attract a quality work force. Bicycling and outdoor recreation businesses often support local projects and programs.

  • In Evansville, Indiana, a boardwalk is being built with corporate donations from Indiana Power and Light Co. and the Wal-Mart Foundation.
  • In Arizona, trail directional and interpretive signs are being provided by the Salt River Project — a local utility. Other corporate sponsors of the Arizona Trail are the Hughes Missile Systems, BHP Cooper, and Pace American, Inc.
  • Recreational Equipment, Inc. has long been a financial supporter of local trail and conservation projects.
  • The Kodak Company now supports the American Greenways Awards program of The Conservation Fund, which was started in partnership with the Dupont company. This annual awards program provides grants of up to $2500 to local greenway projects for any activities related to greenway advocacy, planning, design or development.

For further details and tips for accessing the corporate and business community contact the Trails and Greenways Clearinghouse at the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy: 1-877-GRNWAYS (476-9297).