Can separate bicycle facilities (shared use paths) be built within interstate rights-of-way?

Yes. The Federal Highway Administration issued Guidance on Bicycle and Pedestrian Provisions of the Federal-aid Program on February 24, 1999, which states:

"Shared use paths along Interstate corridors are eligible for the use of National Highway System (NHS) funds, as are bike lane, shoulder and sidewalk improvements on major arterial roads that are part of the NHS, and bicycle and/or pedestrian bridges and tunnels that cross NHS facilities. Examples of paths alongside Interstate facilities include I-90 in Seattle, WA; I-70 in Glenwood Canyon, CO; and I-66 in Arlington, VA."

"Bicyclists and pedestrians can be expected to use NHS facilities, especially in urban and suburban areas, and thus should be accommodated in the design and operation of these facilities. Opportunities to improve conditions for the nonmotorized modes should be taken whenever resurfacing, reconstruction, or expansion projects on NHS routes are undertaken."