Review of Design Guidance

Current Guidance

The MUTCD Section 4E.06 recommends: "The installation of accessible pedestrian signals at signalized intersections should be based on an engineering study, which should consider the following factors:

Draft PROWAG requires audible and vibrotactile indications of the WALK interval when new pedestrian signals are installed (see Chapter 5).


The following guiding principles should be kept in mind when installing APS. The APS installation should:

New Construction — Ideal Installation

Figure 7-1. Ideal placement for pushbutton-integrated APS in the top corner of the flare of the curb ramp, next to the level landing

Providing audible and vibrotactile indications of the WALK interval, as specified in Draft PROWAG, means that devices should be integrated into a pushbutton unit, in order to provide vibrotactile WALK indications. The vibrotactile feature is usually a tactile arrow incorporated into the pushbutton device.

The ideal location for pushbutton-integrated APS is between the edge of the crosswalk line (extended onto the sidewalk) farthest from the center of the intersection and the side of the curb ramp. If at all possible, APS should be between 1.5 feet and 6 feet from the edge of the curb, shoulder, or pavement. However, in order to provide wheelchair access to the pushbutton, the pushbuttons must be located adjacent to a level all-weather surface. The control face and tactile arrow should be carefully aligned with the direction of travel on the associated crosswalk.

At corners of signalized locations where two pedestrian pushbuttons are provided, the pushbuttons should be separated by a distance of at least 10 feet (see Figure 7-1). A rapid tick WALK indication is recommended for installations following these guidelines about location.

Retrofit Installation — Constraints and Acceptable Solutions

Many APS installations will be a retrofit situation where they are being installed at an existing signalized intersection that is not being completely reconstructed. There will likely be infrastructure constraints that will make an ideal installation difficult.

Poles not located at ideal positions

If there are no poles at the recommended locations, options that should be considered, in order of decreasing desirability and from the standpoint of ambiguity, include:

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