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Figure B-11. Polara Navigator APS mounted on pole

Standard features

WALK indication


Optional features

Installation Notes

2-wire system

Operates with only two wires from the intersection traffic control cabinet to the pushbutton and is programmable after installation by the installer using a handheld PDA type device. Control unit is mounted in the signal controller. Numerous options programmable with PDA.

4-wire system

Used when pushbutton wires from the traffic control cabinet to each button location do not exist. Two pair of 18–22 gauge wires run from the control unit that mounts in the pedestrian signal head to the pushbutton unit. All features programmed after installation by the installer using a handheld PDA type device.

If Navigator is used in combination with Talking Signs transmitter, the transmitter must be carefully positioned to provide information only within the width of the crosswalk.

A PDA-type device called a Configurator is an additional piece of equipment that is needed for setting the features and volume of their 2-wire and 4-wire APS. Jurisdictions will need to purchase one or two for technician use. See Figure 7–9 in Chapter 7 for an example of use of the PDA.


Combination of Polara Navigator with Talking Signs transmitter can transmit messages to a handheld receiver to provide orientation and alignment information.

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