The Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System is intended to provide practitioners with the latest information available for improving the safety and mobility of those who walk. The online tools provide the user with a list of possible engineering, education, or enforcement treatments to improve pedestrian safety and/or mobility based on user input about a specific location. [read more]

  • Background - understand what is needed to create a viable pedestrian system.
  • Crash Statistics - learn about the factors related to the pedestrian crash problem.
  • Crash Analysis - learn how crash typing can lead to the selection of the most appropriate countermeasures.
  • Objectives - learn how selected treatments may address many requested improvements to the pedestrian environment.
  • Implementation - read about the necessary components for implementing pedestrian treatments.
  • More Info - access additional information through a variety of resources.
  • Downloads - access print versions of the guide and other relevant materials.
Available Tools:
  • Selection Tool - find appropriate countermeasures on the basis of desired objectives and specific location information.
  • Interactive Matrices - view the countermeasures associated with crash types and performance objectives.
  • Countermeasures - read descriptions of the 49 engineering, education, and enforcement treatments.
  • Case Studies - review real-world examples of implemented treatments.
Project sponsored by:U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

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