Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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National plan seeks to get Americans moving
Chicago Sun-Times - 05/04/2021
Transportation administration to focus on pedestrians
Cape Cod Times - 04/22/2010
Staten Island seniors take to the sidewalks to highlight pedestrian safety
Staten Island Live - 04/20/2010
N.Y. looks into pedestrian safety
The Associated Press - 04/19/2010
New law aimed at giving pedestrians greater protection
Daily Herald - 04/18/2010
Making Streets for Walking
Streetsblog - 04/08/2021
Pedestrian-mall plan expanding
New York Post - 04/06/2021
New pedestrian crossing law is important step
The Daily Journal - 04/03/2021
Plan to preserve pedestrian traffic routes is afoot
NC Advertiser - 04/02/2021
City moves to improve pedestrian safety
Ottawa Citizen - 03/31/2010

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