Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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U. students want to spruce up Salt Lake City alleys
Deseret News - 12/17/2009
New FHWA rules give engineers more tools for bike traffic - 12/16/2009
Message From Copenhagen: Climate Plan Must Include Walkable Urbanism
Streetsblog Capitol Hill - 12/09/2021
National Center for Safe Routes to School Announces Spring 2010 Mini-grant Recipients
National Center for Safe Routes to School - 12/08/2021
The 'Walkability' Factor: Being Close To The Action Can Increase A Home's Value Appreciably
Hartford Courant - 12/06/2021
Improve the Infrastructure of Your Community
House Logic - 11/23/2009
Pedestrian safety dance
Seattle PI - 11/21/2009
Mapping out safer routes - 11/20/2009
Pedestrians need to be added to transportation equation
Citizen Times - 11/19/2009
UK to pay for safer roads abroad
BBC News - 11/19/2009

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