Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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Activists give out reflective belts to night walkers
- 04/04/2021
Pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods lessen obesity risk
Herald Sun Australia - 03/30/2011
Walking workstation brings workout to desks
ABC7 - 03/25/2011
Perth to slow down to 40kph
InMyCommunity - 03/21/2011
New impact lab for car and pedestrian safety
Health Canal - 03/11/2021
Padre Island, Shoreline speed limit decreases to accommodate golf carts, pedestrians
Caller - 03/09/2021
Pedestrian safety priority: 65 zebra crossings to be painted
Hindustan Times - 03/06/2021
"Walkable City" tag means jobs for Decatur
WXIA-TV Atlanta - 03/04/2021
Public Buses Warn Pedestrians to Watch Where They Step
Government Technology - 03/02/2021
Online program teaches students traffic safety
Hawaii News Now - 02/09/2021
Moderate exercise such as walking 'boosts memory power'
BBC News - 01/31/2011
Village of Lemont Receives $48K to Fight Obesity Epidemic
Lemont Patch - 01/26/2011
States' Lawmakers Turn Attention to the Dangers of Distracted Pedestrians
New York Times - 01/25/2011
New Glendale traffic safety warnings in English, Armenian, Spanish
LA Times - 01/08/2021
President Signs Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act
PRNewswire - 01/05/2021
Poulsbo Lays Out Vision for a More Pedestrian-Friendly Future
Kitsap Sun - 12/19/2010
New pedestrian lights aim to increase safety
Wisconsin State Journal - 12/15/2010
Study: Walkable neighborhoods have happier people
USA Today - 12/13/2010
Metro proposes quintupling bicycle access mode share
Greater Greater Washington - 12/06/2021
Pedestrians take to the streets; motorists learn to coexist
New Urban News - 12/06/2021
Arlington plan will define streets for people
- 12/02/2021
Seattle hands out bright umbrellas to decrease collisions
My Northwest - 12/02/2021
Ann Arbor's new pedestrian safety ordinance seeks to prevent 'playing Frogger' to cross city streets
Michigan Complete Streets - 11/17/2010
Kenton's main street, now with more room for walking and biking
Bike Portland - 11/17/2010
UW-Oshkosh Proposes Closing Part of Street for Pedestrian Plaza
WBAY - 11/17/2010
Safe Kids Greater Chattanooga Area Coalition Receives $25,000 Grant
The Chattanoogan - 11/04/2021
AARP volunteers survey intersections for pedestrian safety
Las Cruces Sun-News - 10/29/2010
City begins countdown to 1,500 safer crossings with pedestrian signals
NY Daily News - 10/22/2010
HUD Awards Nearly $100 Million in New Grants to Promote Smarter and Sustainable Planning for Jobs and Economic Growth
US Department of Housing and Urban Development - 10/14/2010
Rail Appears to Encourage Non-Automobile Commutes
The Transport Politic - 10/13/2010
Volunteers count cyclists, pedestrians
Glendale News-Press - 09/27/2010
Union Square Gets Revamped
The Epoch Times - 09/23/2010
Pedestrians rule in Sydney traffic speed limit slowdown
The Sydney Morning Herald - 09/13/2010
Walking, biking combat obesity
The Herald News - 09/13/2010
Park Avenue Prepares for Crosswalk Timers to Protect Pedestrians
DNAinfo - 08/31/2010
Bike, pedestrian plan wins national award
Nashville Business Journal - 08/30/2010
Plan in place to connect Sonoma County in bike and pedestrian paths
The Press Democrat - 08/29/2010
Pedestrians to get more time to cross streets
Mercury News - 08/23/2010
DC Installs New Pedestrian Crosswalk Beacons
WUSA 9 - 08/21/2010
Newnan launches pedestrian safety campaign
The Citizen - 08/12/2020
San Juan to Ban Cars, Make "Walkable City"
Planetizen - 07/30/2010
New pedestrian safety signal unveiled in Salt Lake City
Fox 13 - 07/29/2010
Cyclists, pedestrians share paths
North Shore Times - 07/27/2010
New ads promote pedestrian, bicycle safety
FOX 41 - 07/23/2010
New crosswalk at busy intersection to help Horn Lake pedestrians
The Commercial Appeal - 07/18/2010
City aims to enhance safety by upgrading South Alder crosswalks
Courier Island - 07/09/2021
De Pere police pushing pedestrian safety
Fox 11 - 07/02/2021
Group looks at ideas for making city more bicycle, pedestrian friendly
Echo Press - 07/02/2021
Officials take to the streets to measure Shakopee's 'walkability'
Star Tribune - 06/29/2010
Sidewalk projects aim to improve safety
Salisbury Post - 06/26/2010
Berkeley?s Solano Avenue gets sidewalk seating
Berkeley Side - 06/25/2010
Crosswalk Safety Campaign Reminds Motorists, Pedestrians to Share Road
Nova Scotia Canada - 06/25/2010
Pedestrian 'countdown' timer unveiled in Southwark
BBC News - 06/21/2010
LAPD Issues 159 Tickets in Pedestrian Safety Crackdown
LA Weekly - 06/16/2010
New report shows biking and walking gains
Fast Lane - 06/16/2010
Pedestrians, Bicyclists Spar for Space in NYC's New No-Car Zones
New York Times - 06/08/2021
Signs slow drivers to protect pedestrians at Greensburg crosswalks
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 06/03/2021
Rome unveils plan to transform into green capital
Bloomberg Businessweek - 05/31/2010
Auto safety bill would require 'alert sounds' for quiet hybrid, electric cars
The Washington Post - 05/26/2010
North Long Beachers take a walk for safety
Contra Costa Times - 05/25/2010
Carmakers to give quiet electrics some noise
The Detroit News - 05/20/2010
LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system launches
BuildingOnline - 05/19/2010
Program offers safety training to students
Mt. Vernon Register-News - 05/19/2010
Panel discusses pedestrian, bike law enforcement
Independent Florida Alligator - 05/18/2010
Some cities try technology to give pedestrians safe passage
Duluth News Tribune - 05/17/2010
Carrboro police conducting crosswalk safety operations
The Carrboro Citizen - 05/13/2010
McGinn touts push to get people out of cars
Seatte Post Intelligencer - 05/11/2021
Traffic density and increased BMI linked
University of Alberta - 05/11/2021
TRB Annual Meeting and Transportation Research Record Call for Papers
Transportation Research Board (TRB) - 05/10/2021
Campaigners form human pedestrian crossing
BBC News - 05/05/2021
National plan seeks to get Americans moving
Chicago Sun-Times - 05/04/2021
Transportation administration to focus on pedestrians
Cape Cod Times - 04/22/2010
Staten Island seniors take to the sidewalks to highlight pedestrian safety
Staten Island Live - 04/20/2010
N.Y. looks into pedestrian safety
The Associated Press - 04/19/2010
New law aimed at giving pedestrians greater protection
Daily Herald - 04/18/2010
Making Streets for Walking
Streetsblog - 04/08/2021
Pedestrian-mall plan expanding
New York Post - 04/06/2021
New pedestrian crossing law is important step
The Daily Journal - 04/03/2021
Plan to preserve pedestrian traffic routes is afoot
NC Advertiser - 04/02/2021
City moves to improve pedestrian safety
Ottawa Citizen - 03/31/2010
Pedestrian safety should be taken count in vehicles' design
International Business Times - 03/30/2010
UMass begins study of pedestrian safety
The Republican - 03/28/2010
Charleston County expanding bike, pedestrian access
The Post and Courier - 03/27/2010
Watertown map shows new routes to walk
Watertown Tab & Press - 03/26/2010
Green light for pedestrians
Brisbane Times - 03/23/2010
New program aims to improve pedestrian safety
WTOP - 03/23/2010
W. Vernor improvements to target pedestrian safety, add bike lanes
Model D Media - 03/23/2010
Dubai to get 100 pedestrian bridges by 2012
Gulf News - 03/22/2010
Upper East Side Workshop Kicks Off New Street Safety Campaign
Streetsblog New York - 03/17/2010
Study boosts plan to extend city sidewalks
The Daytona Beach News Journal - 03/14/2010
New pedestrian crossing signals being used in Fort Collins
Coloradoan - 03/12/2020
Number of peak-hour cyclists soar
The Age Victoria - 03/04/2021
Piccadilly Circus gets £14m pedestrian-friendly revamp
BBC News - 03/04/2021
Police educate pedestrians in Chinatown
Honolulu Advertiser - 02/26/2010
S.F. plazas, 'parklets' spout, squeeze out cars
San Francisco Chronicle - 02/25/2010
Walking Linked to Easing Arthritis
Insciences Organisation - 02/24/2010
NY-PA trail blends recreation, conservation
Sun Gazette - 02/21/2010
Pedestrians to reclaim Queen Street
Brisbane Times - 02/18/2010
Toronto police stress pedestrian safety
Digital Journal - 02/17/2010
Cycling, walking face uphill climb in S.C.
The State - 02/16/2010
Council Focuses on Pedestrian Safety
Guardian News - 02/11/2021
New York Traffic Experiment Gets Permanent Run
New York Times - 02/11/2021
More enforcement, traffic cameras suggested for pedestrian safety
Local Swampscott News - 02/09/2021
Pasadena comes up with plan to keep walkers, bikers safe
Pasadena Star-News - 02/04/2021
Abu Dhabi revamps 3 million metres of pedestrian lines and pavements
Gulf News - 01/30/2010
Toronto pedestrian safety campaign nets hundreds of violators
CBC News - 01/29/2010
New Design for Sidewalk Sheds in New York
Despoke - 01/25/2010
What to Do Where the Sidewalk Ends
Streetsblog New York - 01/19/2010
Israeli Students Tackle Road Safety Course News - 01/18/2010
Spartanburg advancing urban-code plan
Go Upstate - 01/18/2010
Surveying Broadway's postmodern pedestrian experience
Chelsea Now - 01/14/2010
New group teaches community leaders how to build walkable and livable communities
Alaska Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance - 01/11/2021
LAPD cracks down to protect pedestrian safety
Los Angeles News - 01/08/2021
City to Decide Whether to Keep Times Square Pedestrian Mall Permanently
DNAinfo Manhatten - 01/05/2021
Uptown scores on walkability
San Deigo News Room - 01/05/2021
Smart Code living appeal rising
Montgomery Advertiser - 01/03/2021
Police wrap up local pedestrian crossing 'stings'
KATU Portland - 12/24/2009
Billion-dollar sidewalk makeover for disabled
San Francisco Chronicle - 12/23/2009
Bay Area Transportation Commission Starts Climate Sustainability Fund
Streetsblog San Francisco - 12/21/2009
Walking in JP gets safer
Jamaica Plain Gazette - 12/18/2009
U. students want to spruce up Salt Lake City alleys
Deseret News - 12/17/2009
New FHWA rules give engineers more tools for bike traffic - 12/16/2009
Message From Copenhagen: Climate Plan Must Include Walkable Urbanism
Streetsblog Capitol Hill - 12/09/2021
National Center for Safe Routes to School Announces Spring 2010 Mini-grant Recipients
National Center for Safe Routes to School - 12/08/2021
The 'Walkability' Factor: Being Close To The Action Can Increase A Home's Value Appreciably
Hartford Courant - 12/06/2021
Improve the Infrastructure of Your Community
House Logic - 11/23/2009
Pedestrian safety dance
Seattle PI - 11/21/2009
Mapping out safer routes - 11/20/2009
Pedestrians need to be added to transportation equation
Citizen Times - 11/19/2009
UK to pay for safer roads abroad
BBC News - 11/19/2009
Cell phone use may be walking safety risk
UPI - 11/16/2009
Volvo Safety, 2011 Style: It Brakes for Walkers
The New York Times - 11/13/2009
Study: Montana ahead in pedestrian safety, but could do more
Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 11/11/2021
New report maps the gap between pedestrian risks and federal safety aid
Streetsblog - 11/09/2021
Hong Kong: Territory-wide campaign to promote pedestrian safety
Newswire - 11/06/2021
Bikers, walkers, drivers: Can't they all get along? - 11/04/2021
Is the Oxford Circus X-crossing the future of urban cycling?
Guardian UK - 11/03/2021
Des Moines buses now have alarms
Des Moines Register - 11/02/2021
Portland establishes Climate Action Plan
New York Times - 11/02/2021
Researchers discover links between city walkability and air pollution exposure
UM News - 10/30/2009
Avid proponents of walkability want to 'get there from here'
SA Communities - 10/29/2009
Improving transportation - above ground
Gotham Gazette - 10/26/2009
Sidewalks become battlegrounds
USA Today - 10/26/2009
Street becomes mall for strollers on an autumn morning
The Baltimore Sun - 10/26/2009
Street plan trades speed for safety
Burbank Leader - 10/16/2009
A solution for suburbs: Bypass the roads
Streetsblog - 10/13/2009
Hybrid cars may include fake vroom for safety
New York Times - 10/13/2009
Cities offer freedom from cars, green living
Today Show - 10/12/2020
Muni hopes new decals will save passengers
San Francisco Chronicle - 10/09/2021
First statewide bicycling summit set
Inside Indiana Business - 10/07/2021
Walking guru suggests ways community can be healthier
Lawrence Journal-World - 10/07/2021
ADOT's 'Be a Roll Model' campaign urges bike/pedestrian safety
Examiner - 10/02/2021
Bike, pedestrian paths part of future at stations
Your Hub Denver - 10/02/2021
Crosswalk signals give voice to safety commands
Las Cruces Sun-News - 09/26/2009
Volunteers take to streets for 'walkability' study
The Buffalo News - 09/22/2009
Plan to make Seattle more walkable approved by City Council
Seattle PI - 09/21/2009
A day for rethinking our four-wheeled fixation
Washington Post - 09/20/2009
Master plan process for pedestrians, cyclists in Greater Victoria being launched
Times Colonist - 09/19/2009
Oklahoma City MAPS out big plans
News OK - 09/18/2009
Pedestrian Master Plan heads to full council
West Seattle Herald - 09/16/2009
City Hall peddles $40-mil. bike path
Chicago Business - 09/14/2009
Parkway promotes Virginia Cycling and Pedestrian Awareness Week
Blue Ridge Parkway Guide - 09/14/2009
Pro: Sidewalks promote safety, healthy habits
Victoria Advocate - 09/13/2009
A livable streets Renaissance in Savannah?
Streetsblog - 09/08/2021
Volunteers conduct pedestrian and bicycle counts today, Saturday
Citizen Times - 09/08/2021
Toshiba develops advanced pedestrian detection system for cars
Crunch Gear - 09/07/2021
Walkable communities may have positive effect on healht, home prices
Montgomery Advertiser - 09/02/2021
Birch Hill pedestrian path gets rolling
Newsminer - 08/30/2009
North Higgins lane diet gets warm welcome from businesses
Missoulian - 08/30/2009
Council says OK to making city more walkable
Albert Lea Tribune - 08/26/2009
Trail in Severance promotes pedestrian safety
Coloradoan - 08/23/2009
Pedestrian safety awareness drive from today
Press Trust of India - 08/17/2009
Road plan aims to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety in Lakewood
APP - 08/17/2009
Pedestrian safety awareness campaign in Hawley Borough
Pike County Press - 08/10/2021
City announces bike, pedestrian safety push
Courier Journal - 08/07/2021
Readers give pedestrian crossing plan the green light
Gulf News - 08/07/2021
Police: pedestrian safety can save lives
Carolina Live - 08/06/2021
Miami 21 promises a more pedestrian friendly city
CBS 4 - 08/05/2021
Police decoys to enforce pedestrian safety law
Shore News Today - 08/05/2021
Police stepping up pedestrian safety
WLFI - 08/04/2021
Madison police enforce traffic rules at cross walks
Channel 3000 - 07/28/2009
Montgomery continues with pedestrian safety effort
The Washington Examiner - 07/27/2009
Pedestrian safety campaign kicks off
Nevada Appeal - 07/25/2009
Minneapolis seeks input on pedestrian plan
Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ - 07/16/2009
Police work to protect pedestrians
Tri-Town News - 07/16/2009
Walking: Good for body, mind, soul
The Herald News - 07/15/2009
Parents get walking bus program rolling
Lawrence Journal - 07/13/2009
Walkability surveyed
Ludington Daily News - 07/09/2021
Lifts will carry pedestrians to safety
The National - 07/08/2021
Road safety markings extended
Straits Times - 07/08/2021
Time to clear Sydney CBD of cars: Moore
WA Today - 07/03/2021
Kirkland making walkability a top priority
NW News - 06/30/2009
In a reprise, Saturdays with zones free of cars
New York Times - 06/29/2009
Take a hike (or bike) on NYC's green streets
Star Tribune - 06/28/2009
Walkable community helps keep you active
USA Weekend - 06/28/2009
Complete Streets pep rally for pedestrian safety
KTKA News - 06/24/2009
PennDOT launches pedestrian safety program
Indiana Gazette - 06/23/2009
Sunday Parkways success
Bike Portland - 06/22/2009
Lemoyne waves flags for pedestrian safety
Penn Live - 06/20/2009
Snohomish improves pedestrian safety near schools
The Snohomish Times - 06/18/2009
Back-in parking plan set
Columbia Daily Tribune - 06/14/2009
Cops pose as pedestrians for crosswalk safety
San Francisco News ABC Local - 06/11/2021
More people walking, biking, riding the bus to Metro stations
Greater Greater Washington - 06/05/2021
Expert offers advice for Hilltop walkability
Tacoma Weekly - 06/04/2021
Algonquin turns to counties to make road pedestrian-friendly
Daily Herald - 06/03/2021
Officials address pedestrian dangers
The Spectrum - 06/03/2021
Burlington initiative pushes for safer streets
Burlington Free Press - 06/01/2021
Puyallup looks to improve walkability in city
The News Tribune - 06/01/2021
Cops plan campaign for pedestrian safety
The Times of India - 05/28/2009
No vehicles, but plenty of people on Broadway
New York Times - 05/24/2009
Broadway set to be closed to vehicles around Times Square, Herald Square
NY Daily News - 05/20/2009
New S.F. study: Phase in Market St. car ban
San Francisco Chronicle - 05/20/2009
Officials kick off pedestrian safety campaign
KDKA - Pittsburgh - 05/14/2009
Fenty releases final plan to push pedestrian safety
The Washington Post - 05/12/2020
In German suburb, life goes on without cars
The New York Times - 05/11/2021
Community pushes for pedestrian-bike paths
Shreveport Times - 05/06/2021
City eyes foot-and-pedal traffic
Greenfield Now - 05/05/2021
Safety concerns prompt pedestrian plan for Green Bay suburb
WBAY - 2 - 05/05/2021
Seattle cracks down on drivers who don't stop at crosswalks
The Seattle Times - 05/04/2021
City unveils first Pedestrian Master Plan
West Seattle Herald - 04/24/2009
Easley moves ahead with walk-, bikeways plan
Greenville Online - 04/24/2009
Fairfax considers plan to block cars from Bolinas Road
Marin Independent Journal - 04/24/2009
Zero Deaths, Everyone Counts - 04/21/2009
Police crosswalk stings will target drivers who don't yield to pedestrians
Chicago Tribune - 04/20/2009
Coming soon: City ban on handheld phones
The Philadelphia Inquirer - 04/17/2009
External airbags could save pedestrians
Russia Today - 04/16/2009
Elon looks to fund bike, pedestrian projects
News 14 Carolina - 04/15/2009
Plan to reduce speed limit to 30km/h throughout most of Dublin city centre
Irish Times - 04/15/2009
Transformers: Protecting pedestrians from killer cars
NewScientist - 04/15/2009
$80m in US funds for bike projects unspent in Mass.
The Boston Globe - 04/14/2009
Urban design turning kids off being active
ABC Science - 04/13/2009
Pedestrian safety signs not enough, council says
Diamond Back Online - 04/10/2021
Fliers urge crosswalk safety
Democrat Herald - 04/09/2021
Effort launched to produce major non-motorized plan
Lansing State Journal - 04/05/2021
Accident fatalities in 2008 lowest in Portland history
Outlook - 04/02/2021
LAPD pedestrian sting ends with hundreds of ticketed drivers in Northridge
LAist - 04/02/2021
Police target drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 03/31/2009
DC ponders setting aside $1.5 million for a pedestrian and bicycle safety fund - 03/30/2009
Hey, you! On the cell phone! Watch where you're walking!
Chicago Tribune - 03/30/2009
Lake Villa advances path plan
Lake County News-Sun - 03/30/2009
'Complete Streets' panel focuses on financial vs. cultural issues
The Daily Courier - 03/29/2009
Get smart: region launches safety campaign
The Washington Post - 03/25/2009
Roads a touch safer for the blind
Manchester Evening News - 03/23/2009
Toyota Verso takes the safety option
Motors Today - 03/23/2009
Head impact
The Engineer Online - 03/20/2009
City looks to make downtown more walkable
Woonsocket Call - 03/19/2009
More Seattle on Streetfilms
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 03/18/2009
CARLSBAD: Council approves pedestrian plan
North County Times - 03/17/2009
City to spend millions on walking paths, bike lanes
WAVE-TV - 03/16/2009
Come take a walk downtown; OKC looks to become pedestrian-friendly
The Journal Record - 03/13/2009
Pedal put to metal for bike-pedestrian projects
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 03/13/2009
Pedestrian safety improvements in Charlottesville
WCAV TV - 03/10/2021
Chicago's pedestrian mall solution: traffic
The Boston Globe - 03/09/2021
Collision-prevention technology
The Engineer Online - 03/09/2021
Cell phone studies: whether you’re talking while walking or while driving, cell phones = increased fatalities
Rutgers News - 03/04/2021
Westwood creates pedestrian and bicycle safety committee
The Daily News Transcript - 03/03/2021
Pedestrian malls: good, clean, green growth
BanditTalks.blogspot - 03/01/2021
Caution: Walking and cell phones don't mix
National Public Radio - 02/22/2009
Commission lays out detailed plan for green growth
Joong Ang Daily - 02/17/2009
Plans for Market Square detailed
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 02/17/2009
Portland - overview - 02/16/2009
Seattle pedestrian master plan
Safe Walks blog - 02/15/2009
Pedestrian safety is key for Mercedes
The Washington Times - 02/13/2009
Oscoda adopts $8 million non-motorized pathway plan
Oscoda Press - 02/11/2021
President issues order encouraging people to walk, bike, and ride the train
Manila Bulletin Online - 02/08/2021
A history of "jaywalking"
west north - 02/01/2021
Washington governor and legislators introduce climate action plan; $419M for transportation projects
Green Car Congress - 01/31/2009
U.S. bill targets “silent engine� safety
Canadian Driver - 01/28/2009
Cell phones pose danger in the crosswalk
ABC News - 01/26/2009
Dubai to build cycling and pedestrian tracks - 01/25/2009
Utahns say they favor phone ban for drivers
The Salt Lake Tribune - 01/25/2009
BMW introduces pedestrian recognition
The Economic Times - 01/22/2009
Mapping out a plan for growth
The Washington Post - 01/22/2009
Enforcing education
Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 01/20/2009
Euro NCAP to launch new safety star ratings - 01/20/2009
Seattle mobility plan
UrbanPlacesandSpaces.blogspot - 01/14/2009
Streetfilms: Introducing the pedestrian peek-a-boo - 01/12/2020
Video: Groundbreaking volvo technology helps drivers avoid accidents with pedestrians - 01/11/2021
Cars share cameras, radar sensors
EE Times - 01/09/2021
OKI develops world's first DSRC inter-vehicle communication attachment for mobile phones to help pedestrian safety - 01/07/2021
Ontario Communities walkON
Canada Walks - 01/06/2021
Walkable Edmonton Toolkit promotes a more active community - 12/31/2008
Evidence of change: Six months, no fatalities
Las Vegas Sun - 12/28/2008
Pedestrian overpass on Seattle's busy Aurora Avenue saves lives
The Seattle Times - 12/28/2008
26 Million Car Journeys to School Could Be Saved by Innovative School Run Scheme
Green (Living) Review - 12/16/2008
Obesity rates lower in nations that bike, walk and use mass transit
Associated Press - 12/15/2008
Delray Beach group fought for bike lanes, now campaigns for traffic safety
South Florida Sun-Sentinel - 12/01/2021
Belle Creek highlighted for 'walkability'
Your Hub - Denver - 11/25/2008
New name, mission for bicycle group
Chicago Sun-Times - 11/24/2008
Heads up for drivers, pedestrians
The Washington Post - 11/18/2008
Hybrid cars too quiet for pedestrian safety? Add engine noise, say human factors researchers - 11/17/2008
Trying to improve community through public transit, pedestrian access
Chi-Town Daily News - 11/17/2008
Portland's low-income neighborhoods are city's 'food deserts'
The Oregonian - 11/15/2008
Rexburg releases new pedestrian safety plan
Local News 8 - 11/14/2008
Boone walks toward pedestrian safety
The Appalachian - 11/13/2008
Officers get a crash course in pedestrian safety
KJRH - Tulsa - 11/13/2008
Dubai plans walkways to reduce car trips
The National - 11/10/2021
Walk safe - RCMP, enforcement services focus on pedestrian safety for the month of November
Daily Herald-Tribune - 11/05/2021
Safety patrols monitor pedestrians, cyclists
Daily Press - 11/04/2021
Activate Asheville seeks to make city healthier
Asheville Citizen-Times - 11/01/2021
Public works projects promoted at hearing
The New York Times - 10/29/2008
Group wants to make Pueblo more walkable
KOAA - 10/27/2008
City will integrate bikes, trains, buses into mobility needs
Rocky Mountain News - 10/14/2008
Official: Pedestrians safer
Ball State Daily News Online - 10/13/2008
Fast and slow pedestrian lanes plan for Edinburgh
Daily Record - 10/09/2021
Walkable communities promote health and save money
The Tribune - 10/08/2021
Laura Street plan seen as boost for downtown foot traffic
The Florida Times-Union - 10/04/2021
State offering money for bike, pedestrian, school routes
Asheville Citizen-Times - 10/04/2021
Countdown crosswalks would give pedestrians extra time
Newark Advocate - 09/29/2008
Burnsville takes steps to protect city pedestrians
Star-Tribune - 09/27/2008
Volunteers to count Richland bicyclists, pedestrians as part of statewide survey
Tri-City Herald - 09/27/2008
Study seeks to identify needs of bicyclists, pedestrians
Packet Online - 09/25/2008
Mississauga launches pedestrian safety campaign
City of Mississauga - 09/24/2008
Crossing flags draw attention to pedestrian safety
The Seattle Times - 09/22/2008
Minneapolis downtown to become more pedestrian friendly
Minnesota Public Radio - 09/17/2008
Provo city promotes pedestrian safety for month of September
BYU NewsNet - 09/17/2008
Walking advocate offers advice for healthier lifestyle
Longmont Times-Call - 09/17/2008
Ready, set, walk!
WLUC - TV 6 - 09/15/2008
Pedestrian safety efforts move along in Montgomery
The Washington Post - 09/14/2008
City seeking input for Pedestrian Master Plan
Downtown Journal - 09/11/2021
Hines Ward teaches Pittsburgh kids about pedestrian safety
WXPI - 09/09/2021
Residents push for better street safety
Yale Daily News - 09/08/2021
Pedestrians make city's radar
IndyStar - 09/06/2021
New pedestrian safety campaign 'back to basics'
Mesquite Local News - 09/05/2021
Police zero in on pedestrian safety
Las Vegas Sun - 09/05/2021
Hartford’s Asylum Hill - An Auto-Free Option
Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog - 09/03/2021
Pedestrian Safety Effort To Take Place In Montgomery County - 09/02/2021
Pike Place: A Photo Essay - 09/02/2021
Walk this way - 09/01/2021
Pedestrians stroll through scramble crossing
CTV Toronto - 08/28/2008
Plan to create better connections between walking paths approved
Lake County Journals - 08/25/2008
High-tech devices watching over crosswalks in Mundelein
Daily Herald - 08/24/2008
Traffic stoppers
Christian Science Monitor - 08/18/2008
Waynesboro officials seek solutions to decrease pedestrian deaths
Herald-Mail - 08/16/2008
'Eye To Eye' campaign encourages road safety
Oregon Public Broadcasting - 08/13/2008
E. Buffalo group wants safer bike, jogging routes
The Daily Item - 08/12/2020
Surprise installs pedestrian countdown crossing signals - 08/11/2021
Palm Coast survey: Residents want paved walks, trails
News-Journal - 08/10/2021
No traffic on a Saturday? Well, no cars, anyway
The New York Times - 08/09/2021
Proposal puts city in step with pedestrians
Houston Chronicle - 08/09/2021
Mayor Bloomberg, DOT Commissioner Sadik-Khan, and Jay-Z invite New Yorkers to take to the streets for Summer Streets
Office of the Mayor, New York City - 08/07/2021
San Francisco streets to close for pedestrian activities
KTVU - 08/05/2021
Walkers call on more cash to be spent on footpaths
The New Zealand Herald - 08/05/2021
This Old (Healthy) House
The New York Times - 07/31/2008
Commuters embrace pedestrian bridge from trains to office tower
The Stamford Advocate - 07/23/2008
Hall Monitor: A new way to cross the street – diagonally
National Post - 07/23/2008
Google's walking directions debut
WebPro News - 07/22/2008
Meeting focuses on pedestrian safety
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 07/22/2008
Pedestrians key to new downtown
The Arizona Republic - 07/22/2008
State seeks public input on bicycling, pedestrian master plan
Shreveport Times - 07/22/2008
Test-walker shows way to explore city
Post-Bulletin - 07/21/2008
Feet give the best, cheapest mileage
The Boston Globe - 07/20/2008
Walkable Portland is no. 10
The Oregonian - 07/18/2008
De Pere to offer flags for pedestrian safety
WBAY - 2 - 07/17/2008
Workshop aims at making town walker friendly
Telegram & Gazette - 07/17/2008
Streetscaping to improve traffic, pedestrian safety
Maryland Community Newspapers Online - 07/16/2008
Built for safety, greenway now supports economic development
Rapid City Journal - 07/15/2008
D.C considers higher fines for drivers
The Washington Post - 07/15/2008
PennDOT task force educates older pedestrians
Pocono News - 07/15/2008
Crosswalks with pedestrian countdowns to get tryout
The Record - 07/12/2020
NY's Broadway becoming the Great Bike Way
Associated Press - 07/11/2021
New web site allows users to get walkability ratings for any area
WISC-TV - 07/09/2021
DC studies changes to improve pedestrian safety
WTOP News - 07/05/2021
Project aims to make center city more pedestrian-friendly
WSOC-TV - 06/30/2008
Metro updates sidewalk, bikeway plan
The Tennessean - 06/29/2008
Walk Boone
Mountain Times - 06/26/2008
Pedestrian safety will be focus of grants
Tri-Town News - 06/19/2008
Boro chosen to be 'walkable' community
South Bergenite - 06/18/2008
Park City police plan crosswalk crackdown
Deseret News - 06/18/2008
On 3 days in August, city will try no-car zone
The New York Times - 06/17/2008
Portland street closure a first step in pushing out cars
The Oregonian - 06/17/2008
Bike trail finds its way to national fame
The Boston Globe - 06/12/2020
Prineville Police plan pedestrian safety sting
Bend Weekly News - 06/12/2020
Site ranks walkability of Seattle neighborhoods
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 06/12/2020
Zebras seen downtown
The Barrie Examiner - 06/12/2020
Far-reaching walkway and bikeway planned
Chatham Courier - 06/11/2021
County looks to improve pedestrian safety
NBC-29 - 06/10/2021
Downtown Boca pedestrian 'spine' takes big step forward
Palm Beach Post - 06/09/2021
University wants to become more walkable
Local News 8, The Salt Lake Tribune - 06/09/2021
Chicago to start crosswalk stings next week
Chicago Tribune - 06/07/2021
Landscaping S.F. walkways and byways
San Francisco Chronicle - 06/06/2021
Improved pedestrian tunnel reopens at Bear Mountain State Park
New York State Office of Parks & Recreation - 06/05/2021
SHA to update pedestrian facilities
Southern Maryland Online - 06/05/2021
Bridge will be for walkers only
The Advocate - 06/04/2021
Pedestrian safety highlighted in Missoula
Montana's News Station - 06/03/2021
Safety measure for pedestrians
Fairfax Media - 06/03/2021
SLC Council may cut parking to boost walkability
The Salt Lake Tribune - 06/03/2021
Thursday meeting to focus on Eden walking plan
Rockingham News - 06/03/2021
Drivers, pedestrians get more crosswalk rules
The Chronicle Herald - 06/01/2021
MSRDC announces plans for 17 skywalks
Express India - 06/01/2021
State enacts stiffer crosswalk penalties
The Suncoast News - 05/31/2008
Footbridge plan to cross busy A45
Northampton Chronicle & Echo - 05/30/2008
UC students presenting bike, hike study
Community Press & Recorder - 05/29/2008
Cyclists, pedestrians in street plan
The Bellingham Herald - 05/27/2008
Volunteers inventory WW intersections to assist cyclists, walkers
Princeton Packet - 05/27/2008
Stoneham walks on: Workshop starts the process of making town more pedestrian friendly
The Stoneham Sun - 05/22/2008
Fenty announces final draft of pedestrian-safety plan
NBC-4 - 05/20/2008
D.C. pedestrian safety strategy to target high-crash intersections
Washington Post - 05/19/2008
Al Ain police launch pedestrian safety campaign
Gulf News - 05/18/2008
Bike, pedestrian plan nearly ready
The Daily News - 05/17/2008
Greenway pedestrian bridge proposed
The Boston Globe - 05/17/2008
As people walk more in Sacramento, street safety concerns rise
The Sacramento Bee - 05/16/2008
Car-free zones planned for Osaka's Midosuji
The Yomiuri Shimbun - 05/15/2008
Expert examines Tacoma’s walkability
Tacoma Weekly - 05/15/2008
Future Columbia transit previewed for residents
The Baltimore Sun - 05/11/2021
CARD considers new path for bike riders/walkers
Collinsville Herald - 05/10/2021
Roundabouts ease challenges for bicyclists, pedestrians
The Daily Courier - 05/10/2021
Overpass plan in Tolono includes pedestrian path
The News-Gazette - 05/08/2021
Cyclists like PA bike and walking route plan
KONP News Radio - AM 1450 - 05/07/2021
City looks to be pedestrian friendly
Palo Alto Daily News - 05/06/2021
Baguio dads want to improve pedestrian safety
GMA News - 05/04/2021
Judge gives green light to pedestrian safety improvements
Fog City Journal - 05/01/2021
City pleased with initial public participation in pedestrian plan
The Courier-Times - 04/30/2008
Survey: Traffic, pedestrian safety concern NYers
am - New York - 04/28/2008
City gets $40k for studies
The Frederick News-Post - 04/27/2008
City hopes pedestrian bridge supports downtown growth
The Edmond Sun - 04/17/2008
City to install timers at 31 pedestrian walkways
The Times-Picayune - 04/15/2008
EBT group looks to include pedestrian safety in plans
Standard Journal - 04/15/2008
Figures show road safety measures are paying off
Darlington & Stockton Times - 04/14/2008
Bennington to get $500,000 for pedestrian underpass
Burlington Free Press - 04/12/2020
Advocates for the blind push for louder hybrid cars
ABC - 4 - 04/10/2021
San Francisco relatively safe place for pedestrians
KCBS - 740 AM - 04/08/2021
Workshop works to make Weld County walkable
The Tribune - 04/07/2021
Residents can share walking strategy ideas
Inside Toronto - 04/03/2021
Plea for safer road
The Mosman Daily - 04/02/2021
Presbyterian Homes' plans put focus on pedestrians
Star Tribune - 04/02/2021
Walkers with walkers to demand safer street crossings
The Register-Guard - 04/02/2021
Benton sets sights on sidewalks
Arkansas Democrat Gazette - 03/31/2008
Route 13 pedestrian safety in spotlight
The Daily Times - 03/30/2008
Blind pedestrians may not hear hybrid cars
Los Angeles Times - 03/29/2008
Highway 75 span near Boone Dam may be 'recycled' for pedestrian use
Kingsport Times-News - 03/29/2008
City drafts new plan to increase bike routes
Daily Illini - 03/28/2008
Pedestrian-traffic only areas introduced to campus
Daily Collegian - 03/28/2008
Walking, cycling backed to boost health, reduce gas use
Capital News Service - 03/28/2008
Flags to aid pedestrian safety
The New Paltz Oracle - 03/27/2008
Welcome, walkers
Courier-Journal - 03/27/2008
A quest for better trails
The Press Democrat - 03/23/2008
Residents call for more pedestrian crossings
Khaleej Times - 03/21/2008
Bill Would Make NYC Safer for Walkers/Bikers
Brooklyn Downtown Star - 03/20/2008
Project aims to increase pedestrian safety
Collegiate Times - 03/20/2008
City named top walkable destination
Lawrence Journal World & News - 03/19/2008
Sheriff's office receives pedestrian safety grant
Newport News-Times - 03/19/2008
Town to upgrade street safety
The Chapel Hill News - 03/19/2008
Pedestrian Bridge to Remain Open, Although Some Touchups Still Yet to be Done
Rome News-Tribune - 03/17/2008
Colleges working to be more biker, pedestrian friendly
The Daily Collegian - 03/16/2008
Safety first with lit-up walk signs
The Denver Post - 03/16/2008
Need for footpaths felt, as greenspace supporters lobby for multiparish trail
The Daily Advertiser - 03/14/2008
Berkeley's Plan to Improve Pedestrian Safety
KCBS - 03/12/2020
Berkeley City Council to consider pedestrian safety plan
Bay City News - 03/11/2021
City continues to examine walkability
Casper Star-Tribune - 03/11/2021
County holds meetings on 30-year transportation plan
Napa Valley Register - 03/10/2021
Making roundabouts safer for pedestrians
Daily Tribune - 03/10/2021
Master plan focuses on pedestrian safety
The Arbiter Online - 03/10/2021
A movement afoot
Tulsa World - 03/07/2021
New pedestrian safety campaign kicks off
FOX - 03/07/2021
State project flies yellow flags for pedestrian safety
Honolulu Star Bulletin - 03/07/2021
ADOT selects communities for statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign pilot programs - 03/06/2021
Study names Cambridge best city for walking
The Harvard Crimson - 03/06/2021
Bicycle advocates face big challenge
Marin Independent Journal - 03/04/2021
Pedestrians targeted in new safety campaign
PSA Media - 03/04/2021
Sidewalk plan steps forward
Intelligencer Journal - 03/04/2021
Earth Hour: Small steps could go a long, long way
The Star - 03/03/2021
Local youngsters given road safety training
South Yorkshire Times - 03/03/2021
Nashvillians have final chance to speak up about sidewalk, bikeways
Tennessean - 03/03/2021
Safety plea to firms for road cash
The Star - 03/03/2021
Paving, lines slated for busy road
The Intelligencer - 03/02/2021
Salem's railroad bridge will become pedestrian and bike friendly
Salem News - 02/29/2008
Council hears plan to lure pedestrians
The Charlotte Observer - 02/28/2008
Sacco street safety bill advances
The Jersey Journal - 02/28/2008
Pedestrian safety a concern
The Parthenon - 02/27/2008
Traffic signals' timing gets upgrades for safety
The Tennessean - 02/27/2008
Walkable cities will be focus of meeting
Ventura County Star - 02/25/2008
Cities try to improve crosswalk safety
USA Today - 02/24/2008
Council adopts Bicycle, Pedestrian Master Plan
Marin Independent Journal - 02/22/2008
Developer donates 30 acres for Douglas pedestrian path
Douglas Times - 02/22/2008
African kids get a lesson in street smarts
The Christian Science Monitor - 02/21/2008
City enacts new bike route network
The Johns Hopkins News-Letter - 02/21/2008
City explores options to protect pedestrians
Calgary Herald - 02/21/2008
Region's cities advance bike, walking plans
Chattanooga Times Free Press - 02/21/2008
Safety fears over faded road markings
Norwich Evening News - 24 - 02/21/2008
Big plans for Spit riders
The Mosman Daily - 02/20/2008
Portland Trails seeks ideas from public
Portland Press Herald - 02/20/2008
Blind advocates lobby for noisier hybrid cars
CNET - 02/19/2008
Pedestrian safety projects in works
The Daily Tar Heel - 02/19/2008
Greenway proposed to connect 5 towns
The Boston Globe - 02/17/2008
Crosswalk safety measures expanding
Calgary Herald - 02/16/2008
Crosswalks in crosshairs
Calgary Sun - 02/16/2008
Something is taming Montreal drivers
Globe and Mail - 02/16/2008
RTA plans 90 pedestrian bridges by 2010
Khaleej Times - 02/15/2008
Caltrans rejects bikeway plan for bridge
San Francisco Chronicle - 02/14/2008
Police Offer Safety Tips After Deaths
Washington Post - 02/14/2008
Pedestrian plan for market area
Ottawa Sun - 02/12/2020
Streets not so mean now
St.Petersburg Times - 02/10/2021
A place to walk
The Peninsula - 02/09/2021
Are new sidewalk, street designs safe?
Northville Record - 02/07/2021
Plan aims to expand pedestrian signal program for the visually impaired
The Mirror - 02/07/2021
Falls Road hiker?biker path could move forward for approval
The Gazette - 02/06/2021
Dover police implement focus on crosswalks
Foster's Daily Democrat - 02/05/2021
Pedestrian safety fixes in works
San Francisco Chronicle - 02/05/2021
Sunset pedestrians to see the light
San Francisco Chronicle - 02/05/2021
Four-way stops on Main Street unsafe for pedestrians, study says
Times-News - 02/03/2021
February designated Pedestrian Safety Month on Kauai
The Honolulu Advertiser - 02/02/2021
Plan would extend, add bike trails
Augusta Chronicle - 02/02/2021
Analysis Sheds Light On City Traffic
The Post-Journal - 02/01/2021
Streetscape plan to start this year
Bucks County Courier Times - 02/01/2021
Pedestrian bridges to be built in Dar
IPP Media - 01/31/2008
Road safety ad wins top press award
Guardian News - 01/31/2008
Mayor Bloomberg launches Safe Streets for Seniors to reduce traffic fatalities among seniors in 25 neighborhoods across New York City
Media Newswire - 01/30/2008
Police pound the pavement for pedestrians
Star Beacon - 01/29/2008
Ga. 85 could get more pedestrian friendly
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 01/28/2008
County works on bike, pedestrian trail plan
River Falls Journal - 01/25/2008
Pedestrian safety
The Observer - 01/25/2008
City sidewalks, busy sidewalks make area towns more livable
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 01/24/2008
Leadership group to light the path
Clinton Herald - 01/24/2008
APD offers pedestrian safety tips
Asheville Citizen-Times - 01/23/2008
Traversing the cost of paths, sidewalks
Rockford Register Star - 01/23/2008
De Soto joins active community initiative
Suburban Journals - 01/21/2008
Pedestrian bridge proposed for Memorial Park
KTRK - Houston - 01/21/2008
Mid-block crosswalks may not aid safety
Deseret Morning News - 01/20/2008
Safer walks plotted for city's seniors
NY Daily News - 01/20/2008
Pelican crossings to improve safety
Kilkenny Advertiser - 01/17/2008
Step in the right direction
Greenwich Time - 01/17/2008
Committee to vote on pedestrian safety
The Daily Progress - 01/16/2008
Concerns raised about BV pedestrian safety
The Chaffee County Times - 01/16/2008
Pedestrian safety volunteers urge Governor to release funds
KHNL - 8 - 01/16/2008
Riverwalk trail gets on track - 01/16/2008
Best way to survive the parking lot jungle is by being courteous
The Detroit Free Press - 01/14/2008
Boca Raton's network of trails won't be complete until 2035
South Florida Sun-Sentinel - 01/14/2008
City officials reach out to residents for input on pedestrian, bike access
Bay Area News Group - 01/14/2008
Bosch aims to improve pedestrian safety
The New Zealand Herald - 01/13/2008
Tread carefully during dark days: Winter sees more traffic accidents
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 01/13/2008
Cycling the way to go in this overcrowded city
The Miami County Weekend - 01/11/2021
Jury Calls for more safety at pedestrian train crossings
WMBD/WYZZ TV - 01/11/2021
Cape's 2010 transport plan deadline set
Cape Argus - 01/10/2021
DRI proposes law banning more downtown banks
The Darien Times - 01/10/2021
Greenbelt eyes public and pedestrian safety - Maryland Community Newspapers Online - 01/10/2021
Lincoln Street Pathways
WJFW - Newswatch 12 - 01/10/2021
Pedestrian safety push in Berkeley
Bay Area News Group - 01/10/2021
Plan calls for dormant upstate span to be turned into walkway
Associated Press - 01/10/2021
Be cautious as you walk the walk
Cochrane Times - 01/09/2021
Nearly $5 million in county projects approved for non-motorized transportation
The Sheboygan Press - 01/09/2021
West Sac opens 'walkable' Tower Bridge Gateway
The Sacramento Bee - 01/09/2021
The tour de fitness
Longmont Times-Call - 01/08/2021
Bethlehem gets motorists' attention with pedestrian crosswalk sting operation
The Morning Call - 01/07/2021
Laurel's Rails to Trails to feature public art
Laurel Leader-Call - 01/07/2021
Take a bow, SA motorists
The Star - 01/07/2021
66 percent increase in bicycling during commute hour
Marin Independent Journal - 01/05/2021
Pas employees walking toward a healthier lifestyle
The Mississippi Press - 01/05/2021
Spokane's plan to walk away girth
The Seattle Times - 01/05/2021
New safety system to protect pedestrians
WhatCar? - 01/04/2021
HAWK lights help prevent deaths and are a model for other cities
The Arizona Daily Star - 01/03/2021
Metro's New Safety Officer to Focus on Pedestrian Safety
WTOP Radio - 01/03/2021
Nashville approves new pedestrian plan
Rocky Mount Telegram - 01/03/2021
Pedestrian safety goal of Bethlehem dragnet
The Morning Call - 01/03/2021
Pleasantville sets sights on pedestrian safety
The Journal News - 01/01/2021
Scarsdale police promote pedestrian safety
The Journal News - 12/30/2007
Making the streets safe for pedestrians
The Baltimore Sun - 12/25/2007
County gets $1.15M to boost traffic safety
Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal - 12/19/2007
WHAT on earth? Walking to improve your health
The Willits News - 12/19/2007
Portland bicycle plan comes to OKI - 12/13/2007
Sidewalks won't get you too far in Dallas
The Dallas Morning News - 12/11/2021
Green means go, red means no!
Victoria Police - 12/10/2021
HPD Sets Up New Campaign for Pedestrian Safety
KHNL-8 - 12/10/2021
County agency gets hefty two-year grant from state - 12/09/2021
Getting there: State aims for safer walking, biking cities
East Valley Tribune - 12/09/2021
Pedestrian shopping center thrives in Fruitvale district
Tri-Valley Herald - 12/09/2021
Local town named 'Most Walkable'
Tampa Bay Business Journal - 12/07/2021
Hawaii spending $2M on pedestrian safety
The Honolulu Advertiser - 12/04/2021
Pedestrian safety lags rest of nation
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 12/02/2021
Planners get earful on safety
Northeast Reporter - 11/29/2007
Covington taking steps to become pedestrian-friendly
The Seattle Times - 11/25/2007
City eyes pedestrian grant
The Sun - 11/21/2007
Road safety
inside CMU - 11/20/2007
Pedestrians equally responsible for safety
Sherwood Park News - 11/16/2007
Installation of beacons to boost safety
The Times - 11/11/2021
Pedestrian task force continues to improve safety
The Daily Times - 11/11/2021
Radar will help local police protect citizens
Pocono Record - 11/11/2021
The taming of 7th Street
The Times - 11/04/2021
ISU puts renewed focus on pedestrian safety - 11/02/2021
Pedestrian Safety Study - 11/01/2021
Albany wants your input on bike, pedestrian paths
Albany Democrat-Herald - 10/29/2007
End of the road for white lines in safety drive
Scotland on Sunday - 10/28/2007
Kirkland puts new face on pedestrian program
The Seattle Times - 10/26/2007
T.O. gives pedestrians green light to scramble
CTV Toronto - 10/24/2007
Halloween Safety For Trick-or-Treaters
KLAS - 8 - 10/22/2007
Walk this way
The Boston Globe - 10/21/2007
City submits pedestrian-friendly plan for approval
680 News - 10/19/2007
City examines walkability
Star-Tribune - 10/18/2007
Active seniors help themselves, the environment
The Record - 10/16/2007
Motorists reminded of safety for blind
Myrtle Beach Online - 10/16/2007
Safety and politics
Times-News - 10/16/2007
Pedestrian-friendly development plans on right path
The Star - 10/14/2007
Safety key element in Main Street design
Chicago Suburban News - 10/11/2021
Traffic roundabouts improve safety
The Prince George Citizen - 10/11/2021
State eyes extensive bike trail expansion
Boston Globe - 10/08/2021
Albemarle wants to be pedestrian friendly
Stanly (NC) News and Press - 10/05/2021
A step toward more "walkable" cities?
Seattle Times - 10/04/2021
Plan calling for sidewalks near schools, more bikepaths, gets Naples council OK
Naples (FL) Daily News - 10/03/2021
Safety Plan Gives Pedestrians More Control
WTOP, Washington, DC - 10/02/2021
City of Savannah Educating Pedestrians on Crosswalk Safety
WTOC, Savannah, GA - 10/01/2021
Safety campaigners win fight for footpath
Northampton Chronicle & Echo - 10/01/2021
Pedestrian Safety Campaign Underway in Redwood City
KCBS, Redwood City, CA - 09/28/2007
Bike, pedestrian plan aims to 'reclaim' Greenwich's roads
Greenwich (CT) Post - 09/27/2007
Big Victory for San Francisco Pedestrians - 09/23/2007
Bike, pedestrian bridge opens
Deseret Morning News - 09/21/2007
UNC to hold pedestrian safety campaign today
The Daily Tar Heel - 09/19/2007
Snowy sidewalks could cost homeowners
KTUU News 2 - 09/17/2007
Southwest Idaho city considering safety of pedestrians, bikers
Local News 8 - 09/16/2007
Olympia readies sidewalk plan
The Olympian - 09/15/2007
Pedestrian-safety concerns cause changes to travel lanes
Marblehead Reporter - 09/15/2007
University's new sidewalks allow easy pedestrian access
The Murray State News - 09/14/2007
Web site ranks 'walkability' in N.J.
North Jersey Media Group - 09/14/2007
Chardon gets 'walking audit' results
News-Herald - 09/11/2021
Pedestrian bridge across Hwy. 36 to open in North St. Paul
Star Tribune - 09/11/2021
Walking guru rates SLC
The Salt Lake Tribune - 09/11/2021
'Street Standards' Plan One Step Closer
Los Angeles Downtown News - 09/10/2021
Walkability called key to public health
Deseret Morning News - 09/10/2021
Exercisers Stuck in Unwalkable Settings
Associated Press - 09/08/2021
Nova Scotia to make legislative changes to improve crosswalk safety
The Canadian Press - 09/07/2021
PCB Looking Good For Future Walks
WJHG News 7 - 09/06/2021
Park City hoping to turn walkable, bikeable
Deseret Morning News - 09/04/2021
Green dream takes major step forward
Aberdeen Journals Ltd - 09/03/2021
South Oakland Family YMCA promotes special program
Daily Tribune - 09/03/2021
Looking both ways at pedestrian safety
The News-Gazette - 09/02/2021
New pedestrian/bike plan
The Register-Guard - 09/02/2021
Riding a new route
The Register-Guard - 09/02/2021
City Promises $5M in Ped Safety Improvements at Mural Opening
Streetsblog - 08/31/2007
DDOT To Release Pedestrian Safety Plan
NBC 4 - 08/31/2007
Savannah Pedestrian Safety Campaign Underway
WSAV News 3 - 08/31/2007
Web site rates neighborhoods for 'walkability'
Chattanooga Publishing Company, Inc. - 08/30/2007
Crosswalk Warning Flashers Enhance Pedestrian Safety in Victoria BC
Carmanah Technologies Corporation - 08/27/2007
Looking at Sidewalk Options
KOMU-TV8 - 08/27/2007
Our Views: Urban Design to Save Lives
Louisiana Broadcasting LLC - 08/27/2007
Town looks into a walk on safe side
The Star-Ledger - 08/26/2007
Walking group cruises the streets of Kent
The Seattle Times - 08/26/2007
Volunteers power this school bus
Home News Tribune Online - 08/23/2007
Pedestrian safety to be enforced
Herald Times Reporter - 08/21/2007
Kids - Pedestrian Safety Video
Safety TV - 08/11/2021
2 Honolulu Crosswalks to Get Flashing Lights
The Honolulu Advertiser - 08/10/2021
Return to School with Road Safety Tips
Des Moines Register - 08/10/2021
Rochester Needs Livable, Walkable Space, Not Parking
PostBulletin - 08/08/2021
Pedestrians to Benefit from Street Review: Study aims to make downtown better for walkers
The Detroit Free Press - 08/07/2021
Police to Focus on Pedestrian, Bicycle Safety
The Northwestern - 08/07/2021
Web Site Takes a Pedestrian View
Washington Post - 08/07/2021
Cities Explore Measures to Become a Place
Community Impact Newspaper - 08/03/2021
Police Unyielding in Pedestrian Safety
KRQE News 13 - 07/31/2007
'Complete Streets' Program Gives More Room for Pedestrians, Cyclists
USA Today - 07/30/2007
Bike Racks and Pedestrian Plan to Increase
Daily Planet - 07/30/2007
Narrowed Roads Gain Acceptance in Colo., Elsewhere
USA Today - 07/30/2007
Town of Joyce getting its first-ever sidewalk
Peninsula Daily News - 07/30/2007
Lighted Crosswalks Provide Additional Safety
Brentwood Press - 07/27/2007
New Rail Crossing Alert
The Advertiser - 07/26/2007
Morning Sting Reminds Albuquerque Drivers of Pedestrians' Right of Way
The Albuquerque Tribune - 07/24/2007
OPD to Conduct Traffic Safety Campaign
The Argus Observer - 07/24/2007
Rail safety message reiterated
Scoop Independent News - 07/24/2007
Biking in the Basin
Sierra Sun - 07/19/2007
Police ranked best in bicycle safety
Reporter Progress - 07/19/2007
Measure your Neighborhood Walkability
Urban Planning Blog - 07/18/2007
Pedestrian safety operations underway in county
Newport News Times - 07/18/2007
State Ramps Up Pedestrian Safety Campaign
The Hawaii - 07/18/2007
Trail system plan submitted in Dover
Foster's Online - 07/17/2007
Leaders try to protect pedestrians
News 14 Carolina - 07/16/2007
Moline to consider pact for bike/pedestrian river crossing
Quad-Cities Online - 07/16/2007
Advocates pursue more accommodations for bikers - 07/14/2007
Road-safety campaign targets seniors - 07/14/2007
Officers target rail safety - 07/12/2020
A rolling riverfront and charming shops
The Detroit Free Press - 07/11/2021
CP Police promote rail safety in Golden and Field
The Golden Star - 07/11/2021
Mukilteo City Council approves priority project list for Prop. 1
Mulkiteo Beacon online - 07/11/2021
Sidewalks measure pleases residents, changes projects
Gazette.Net - 07/11/2021
Mixed-use complex could revitalize CDC area
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution - 07/10/2021
Valpo shows initiative with bicycle proposal
Post-Tribune - 07/09/2021
Eureka to test three pedestrian crossing systems
The Eureka Reporter - 07/08/2021
Nicosia's Pedieos River path to get a big extension
Homeboy Media News - 07/08/2021
Milltown police look to slow down speeders
The Sentinel - 07/06/2021
Pedestrian sting on Front Street conducted
The Marietta Times - 07/06/2021
Parks & Trails New York Launches Road and Trail Intersection Safety Campaign
Parks & Trails New York - 07/05/2021
Police focus on sharing the road: All road users are being encouraged to share Ottawa's streets this summer
Orleans Star Weekly Journal - 07/05/2021
Saratoga gets $900,000 for Highway 9 improvements
San Jose Mercury News - 07/05/2021
Kansas City is lagging area suburbs in trails for hiking, biking and travel - 06/29/2007
Yield! Or face $50 fine
Allied - 06/29/2007
Bikeway master plan needs money to fit in with trails - 06/28/2007
Mississauga Residents to Receive Road Safety Handbooks
City of Mississauga Press Release - 06/28/2007
Bogota's Urban Happiness Movement - 06/25/2007
DOT Survey Reveals Some Surprises
Seattle Times - 06/25/2007
Make Rochester a haven for walkers
PostBulletin - 06/15/2007
City tour examines mobility
Palo Alto Daily News - 06/10/2021
Stafford Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)?
The Free-Lance Star - 06/03/2021
Future Of Bicycling Being Shaped In Region
The Morning News: Local News for Northwest Arkansas - 06/02/2021
Dozens Cited In Caltrain Rail Safety Enforcement - 05/31/2007
New Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Initiatives Introduced by Mayor - 05/31/2007
Walking in city gets a bit safer
Times-News Online - 01/04/2021

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