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document Case Study No. 7: Transportation Potential and Other Benefits of Off-Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities, Federal Highway Administration
This study is a compendium of success stories and the hard work of many individuals, grass-roots organizations, private interests, local governments, and state agencies. ... more >>
document NJ Walks and Bikes: Common Ground Conference Report, Voorhees Transportation Center
This paper represents the final report from a conference that explored how community design can support healthy lifestyles, specifically through the advancement of walking and biking. ... more >>
document Case Study No. 8: Organizing Citizen Support and Acquiring Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails, Federal Highway Administration
The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze specific courses of action necessary to successfully develop independent bicycle and pedestrian facilities. ... more >>
web Metropolitan Transportation Commission Bicycles/Pedestrians, San Fransisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission
The San Fransisco Bay Area MTC website offers information on current events, as well as a detailed planning toolbox and an engineering countermeasure database. ... more >>
document Case Study No. 9: Linking Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities with Transit, Federal Highway Administration
A number of transit agencies and local and State Governments have initiated efforts to improve nonmotorized transit access, but many major problems and opportunities have not yet been addressed. This report highlights some of these efforts and opportunities. ... more >>
document Case Study No. 10: Trading Off Among the Needs of Motor Vehicle Users, Pedestrians, and Bicyclists, Federal Highway Administration
The purpose of this study was to consider how limited resources can best be allocated to meet the needs of motro vehicle users, bicyclists, and pedestrians. ... more >>
web Florida Department of Transportation Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program, Florida Department of Transportation
The Florida Pedestrian and Bicycle Program works in many areas to promote safe walking and bicycling in Florida. ... more >>
document Case Study No. 11: Balancing Engineering, Education, Law Enforcement, and Encouragement, Federal Highway Administration
This report suggests a four-step process through which a community can implement a comprehensive "4-e" program to encourage non-motorized transportation. It includes suggestions for collecting basic data, ... more >>
document Preserving Historic and Cultural Resources, Trails and Greenways Clearinghouse
This article discusses how trails and greenways may be used to further historic and cultural preservation. ... more >>
document A Guide for Reducing Collisions at Signalized Intersections, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Transportation Research Board
This document provides strategies that can be employed to reduce the number of collisions at signalized intersections. ... more >>