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document Trails and Greenways for Livable Communities, Trails and Greenways Clearinghouse
This paper discusses the role of trails in the design and walkability of a community. It looks at ways to combat sprawl with design and notes that trails and greenways act as solutions for better design. ... more >>
document Creating Safe Built Environments for Children, America Walks
This paper focuses on creating safe built environments for children. ... more >>
document Development and Public Health: Could Our Development Patterns Be Affecting Our Personal Health?, Urban Land
This paper looks at the impact that land-use decisions have on public health. ... more >>
document Walkability in the Czech Urban Areas and Position of Pedestrians, Transport Research Centre Brno
This study maps legal bases for searching optimum outputs within the limits of Czech legal order and mitigates a special legal regime of walking away from roads. ... more >>
document Pedaling Health: Health Benefits of a Modal Transportation Shift, Australian Department of Transport,
The purpose of this report is to present medical research on the benefits accruing from incorporating exercise into daily living patterns. ... more >>
web Neighborhood Site Assessment, Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program
Tool developed by the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program to examine biking and walking conditions on the route to school. ... more >>
multimedia Step to Safety with ASIMO: Children's Pedestrian Safety Video, National Safety Council, PBIC, & Honda
The National Safety Council and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center are pleased to join Honda in offering a free copy of this DVD geared to students ages five to nine. During the 14-minute program, ... more >>
web Pedestrian Injury, SafeKids USA
Pedestrian injury remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 5 to 14. SafeKids. ... more >>
web Wheeling Walks, West Virginia University Foundation
Wheeling Walks website promotes an active lifestyle through walking, and provides tips as well as information about upcoming events. ... more >>
web Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition,
The Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition's mission is to promote bicycling and walking in Vermont, emphasizing access, safety, and education. ... more >>