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document Kirkland's Experience with In-Pavement Flashing Lights at Crosswalks, City of Kirkland
This paper describes Kirkland's experience with flashing crosswalks, including how the system works and how it is installed, effectiveness, response from the public and application criteria. ... more >>
document An Evaluation of Flashing Crosswalks in Gainesville and Lakeland, Florida Department of Transportation
This report describes evaluations of flashing crosswalks in Gainesville and Lakeland ... more >>
document The Effects of Pedestrian Countdown Signals in Lake Buena Vista, Florida Department of Transportation
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of countdown signals at intersections in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. ... more >>
document Blind Pedestrians at Unfamiliar Signalized Intersections, Transportation Research Board
This paper presents the results of part of the first phase of a study of crossings by pedestrians who are blind at unfamiliar complex signalized intersections. ... more >>
web Streets in America Are Unsafe and Unforgiving For Kids, Federal Highway Administration
Article by Pedestrian Safety Roadshow: Speeding cars, children darting into traffic, and streets without sidewalks place youth at risk on America's roads ... more >>
document The Epidemic of Pediatric Traffic Injuries in South Florida, American Journal of Public Health
The purpose of this study is to outline the distribution, determinants, and effects of pediatric pedestrian trauma (PPT) in our community. ... more >>
document A Matched Case-Control Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of Speed Humps in Reducing Child Pedestrian Injuries, American Journal of Public Health
A matched case-control study among Oakland residents younger than 15 years who had been hospitalized after being struck and injured by an automobile on a residential street. ... more >>
web Bicycle / Pedestrian Safety Toolbox: Countdown Signals, San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission
This resource descibes the use of devises that inform pedestrians about how much time is left to cross the street at signalized intersections. For each tool, the site describes the objective, applications, ... more >>
document The Influence of Signs Prompting Motorists to Yield Before Marked Crosswalks on Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian Conflicts at Crosswalks with Flashing Amber, Accident, Analysis, & Prevention
The effects of signs reading "STOP HERE FOR PEDESTRIANS" alone and in conjunction with advance stop lines on pedestrian safety at multilane crosswalks with pedestrian-activated amber flashing lights. ... more >>
document Pedestrian Accidents in Marked and Unmarked Crosswalks, Institute of Transportation Engineers
The main goal of this study is to conduct an examination of a group of pedestrian accidents at unprotected crosswalks in LA and determine the validity of the current practices. ... more >>