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document Automated Pedestrian Detection: Assessing Device Effectiveness and Potential Barriers to Acceptance in North America,
This paper presents the findings of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Technical Committee on Automated Pedestrian Detection (APD). ... more >>
document Implementing a "Safe Routes to School" Plan in Kalamaria, Greece,
This paper will report the results of a pilot project attempting to address the problem of decreasing walking to school. ... more >>
document Study on Safe Way to School in Italy,
The way to school is the first and most important approach for children with the use of urban space. ... more >>
document Risk Factors in Road Crossing Among Elderly Pedestrians and Readiness to Adopt Secure Behavior,
This study intends to broaden the understanding of factors involved in risk taking procedure of older pedestrians, and to identify factors related to elderly person's willingness to adopt preventive behavior. ... more >>
document Demographical Changes of European Society and its Impact on Walking and Accessibility of Elderly, Transport Research Centre Brno
Many older people make their journeys by walking however, pedestrian casualty rates are much higher among people over 60 compared with younger adults. ... more >>
document Walkability in the Czech Urban Areas and Position of Pedestrians, Transport Research Centre Brno
This study maps legal bases for searching optimum outputs within the limits of Czech legal order and mitigates a special legal regime of walking away from roads. ... more >>
document Countdown Signals for Pedestrians in Germany,
A before-and-after-study was carried out covering traffic volume of cars and pedestrians, delay and acceptance of the signals after the installation of a countedown signal. ... more >>
document Gender Differences in Pedestrian Rule Compliance and Visual Search,
The objective of this study is to explore effect of gender difference in pedestrian rule compliance on walking and crossing behaviour. ... more >>
document The Pedestrian as the Center of Planning: No Evaluation Without Data,
The aim of this project stands on modeling the notion of anticipation of drivers' behaviors by pedestrians, and then to suggest an algorithm for the crossroads crossing by pedestrians. ... more >>
document High Resolution Modeling of Vehicle-Pedestrian Interactions for Estimating Pedestrian Risk at the Black Spots,
The paper presents the SAFEPED - microscopic 3D simulation of the Black Spot dynamics. ... more >>