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document Drivers Perception of Vulnerable Road Users - A Hazard Perception Approach,
An assessment of hazard perception abilities of drivers to vulnerable road users. ... more >>
document The Influence of the Individual's Risk Perception and Attitudes on Travel Behavior,
This study analyzes the effect of individuals' risk perception and beliefs, in addition to demographic and socio-economic characteristics, on their willingness to shift from car to public transportation and walking. ... more >>
document Increasing Powered Two-Wheels' (PTWs') Detectability by Using Phi-Phenomenon,
The study evaluates the potential of a unique display of two helmet-mounted lights that blink in an alternating manner to create movement illusion to increase PTWs' conspicuity and visibility. ... more >>
document School Transportation Safety: An Observational Study of Drivers and Pupils on the School Bus,
The objective of the study was to observe seatbelt usage, pupil and bus driver behavior and potential safety hazards on buses used for school transportation. ... more >>
document Optimism About Safety and Self-Serving Attributions of Responsibility for Safety Among Pedestrians and Cyclists in Relation to Road Use Under Low Light Conditions,
This study analysed a subset of data collected as part of a larger research project on the visibility of pedestrians, cyclists and road workers, focusing on a set of questionnaire items. ... more >>
document Comparison of Blood Alcohol Levels with Breath Alcohol Levels Measured Using the Drager 711 MKIII Breathalyzer,
The study objective was to assess the correlation between breath alcohol, as measured using the Drager 7110 MKIII breathalyzer, and blood alcohol concentrations (BAC). ... more >>
document Public Policies for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
A policy review for bicycling and walking safety and mobility from an International Scan conducted in May of 2009 in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. ... more >>
document Pedestrian Crashes and Treatments From Around the World, UNC Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC)
Pedestrian crashes and related deaths and injuries continue to be a serious problem in industrialized and developing countries throughout the world. ... more >>
document Understanding and Using Signalized Crossings in Australia: The Pedestrian's Perspective,
The views of Australian pedestrians towards signalized pedestrian crossings are presented here. ... more >>
document Effects of Individualized Feedback on Car Drivers' Speed at Pedestrians Crossings,
Investigation of the effects of a device which has been developed to mitigate risk of pedestrians during street crossing decreasing of car speeds and facilitating attention to vulnerable road users. ... more >>