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document School Administrator's Guide to School Walk Routes and Student Pedestrian Safety, Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Washington State DOT
The School Administrator's Guide to School Walk Routes and Student Pedestrian Safety provides resources to help develop, maintain, and improve school walk routes. ... more >>
document Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting, Environmental Protection Agency
"Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting," released by the EPA on October 8, 2003, is the first study to empirically examine the relationship between school locations, the built environment around schools, ... more >>
document Maryland Safe Routes to School Guidebook: A Guide for Parents and Communities, Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee & Maryland Department of Transportation
A comprehensive, 49-page guidebook that introduces the Safe Routes to School program to schools, parents and communities in Maryland and explains how to implement an Safe Routes to School program. ... more >>
document The Relative Risks of School Travel, Transportation Research Board
This report provides estimates of the relative risk among school travel modes using available information collected at the national level. ... more >>
document Kids at Crossroads, A National Survey of Physical Environment and Motorist Behavior at Intersections in School Zones, National Safe Kids Campaign
Observational study examines conditions at signalized intersections near elementary and middle schools. Targets driver behavior, but examines role of education, as well as planning, design and operation of transportation facilities. ... more >>