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document Low Income Childhood Pedestrian Injury: Understanding the Disparate Risk, UC Berkeley Traffic Safety Center
This paper proposes a model for understanding child pedestrian exposure and risk and its relationship to socioeconomic status. ... more >>
document The Influence of Signs Prompting Motorists to Yield Before Marked Crosswalks on Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian Conflicts at Crosswalks with Flashing Amber, Accident, Analysis, & Prevention
The effects of signs reading "STOP HERE FOR PEDESTRIANS" alone and in conjunction with advance stop lines on pedestrian safety at multilane crosswalks with pedestrian-activated amber flashing lights. ... more >>
document Increasing the Percentage of Drivers Yielding to Pedestrians in Three Canadian Cities with a Multifaceted Safety Program, Health Education Research
This experiment evaluated the efficacy of a multifaceted pedestrian safety program in three Canadian cities. ... more >>
document Pedestrian Accidents in Marked and Unmarked Crosswalks, Institute of Transportation Engineers
The main goal of this study is to conduct an examination of a group of pedestrian accidents at unprotected crosswalks in LA and determine the validity of the current practices. ... more >>
document Pedestrian Fatalities, Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area and United States, 2000-2004, Journal of Safety Research
Data from 2000-2004 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was used to describe pedestrian fatalities in Atlanta and to compare Atlanta with the United States overall. ... more >>
document Mean Streets: How Far Have We Come?, Suface Transportation Policy Project
This report analyzes ten years of data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) maintained by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine which metropolitan areas and states have grown more dangerous for walkers, ... more >>
document Pedestrian-Vehicular Crashes: The Influence of Personal and Environmental Factors, University of Maryland
This thesis examines the relationship between land use and pedestrian-vehicle crashes. Analysis focuses on how the pedestrian crashes vary by personal characteristics and physical characteristics of the crash area. ... more >>
web Transportation Alternatives Citizens Group (New York City Area), Transportation Alternatives
Transportation Alternatives' mission is to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile, and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives. ... more >>
document ADA Transition Plans, The National Academies, National Academy of Sciences, National Cooperative Highway Research Program
The purpose of this document is to ensure that ideas, information, and practices concerning the development and updating of Transition Plans are recognized, recorded, and shared among Departments of Transportation. ... more >>
document Blaming Children for Child Pedestrian Injuries, Federal Highway Administration, Elsevier Science Ltd.
In this paper a case study of a child pedestrian death is presented in order to examine the apportionment of responsibility for child pedestrian injuries. ... more >>