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web Prevent Pedestrian Crashes: Preschool/Elementary School Children, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Preventing Pedestrian Crashes: Preschool/Elementary School Children Provides information to parents on pedestrian risks for preschool and elementary school children. Safe and Sober Campaign. Taken from the NHTSA website. ... more >>
document Blind Pedestrians at Unfamiliar Signalized Intersections, Transportation Research Board
This paper presents the results of part of the first phase of a study of crossings by pedestrians who are blind at unfamiliar complex signalized intersections. ... more >>
document Across the Arterial: Mid-block Shared-Use Path Crossings of Multilane Roadways in California, Rails to Trails Conservancy
The focus of this report are these challenging at-grade crossings of multilane roadways at mid-block locations. ... more >>
web Streets in America Are Unsafe and Unforgiving For Kids, Federal Highway Administration
Article by Pedestrian Safety Roadshow: Speeding cars, children darting into traffic, and streets without sidewalks place youth at risk on America's roads ... more >>
document The Epidemic of Pediatric Traffic Injuries in South Florida, American Journal of Public Health
The purpose of this study is to outline the distribution, determinants, and effects of pediatric pedestrian trauma (PPT) in our community. ... more >>
document Focusing on the Child Pedestrian, Federal Highway Administration
This one-page flyer reports the 1994 Child Pedestrian Injury and Fatality Rates, desribes common danger situations, and calls for education and traffic calming as preventative measures. ... more >>
document Lessons from Katrina and Rita: What Major Disasters Can Teach Transportation Planners, Victoria Transport Policy Institute
This paper examines failures in hurricane Katrina and Rita emergency response and their lessons for transportation planning in other communities. ... more >>
document A Matched Case-Control Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of Speed Humps in Reducing Child Pedestrian Injuries, American Journal of Public Health
A matched case-control study among Oakland residents younger than 15 years who had been hospitalized after being struck and injured by an automobile on a residential street. ... more >>
document Little Steps, Bigger Ones to Protect Pedestrians, Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety, Status Report
This report discusses the history of pedestrian-vehicle conflicts, describes typical crash types, and gives examples of different counter-measures to help improve the pedestrian environment. ... more >>
document The impact of a media campaign in the reduction of risk-taking behavior on the part of drivers, Accident, Analysis, & Prevention
As part of an ongoing media educational campaign to enhance pedestrian safety in the Victoria (Canada) metropolitan area, multimedia campaigns have been targeted at drivers. ... more >>