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Features & Articles

Read more... The Segway Human Transporter

Inside DOT :
A review of recent publications and announcements from the US Department of Transportation
Resolutions to Keep :
Make a healthy New Year's resolution to start walking and biking regularly, and you'll feel great, have more energy, and start losing weight.
Excuses, Excuses... :
Walking, why we can't, didn't, shouldn't — but promise to start tomorrow.
Take Steps to Battle the Bulge :
A short walk every day can improve your life and your community.
Three Perfect Days in Silicon Valley :
Observations on walkability and bike-on-train service in Silicon Valley
Car Culture :
How America got hooked by little bugs and monster trucks and everything in between and why it's time to park our automobile obsession
Living Longer, Walking Stronger :
The Design Needs of Senior Pedestrians
National Blueprint :
Increasing physical activity among adults 50 and over