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Features & Articles : Walk for Your Life! Taking Strides Towards Better Health & Fitness

"You're not a big loser if you're not walking 30 minutes a day," concedes Mark Fenton, editor-at-large of Walking magazine, author of the magazine's upcoming book, Walking Magazine's Complete Guide to Walking for Health and Fitness, a champion race walker, and probably the nation's foremost authority on the subject of walking for health. "But an environment for walking should be present in your life."

How does one create a positive environment for walking?

It all starts with you.

Only 20% of Americans have the time, wherewithal, and physical motivation to walk. They walk for fitness—whether they're setting out for a brisk walk at the park, or simply fitting walking into their normal daily routine. Now walking is both a pleasure and a necessity. They've made the extraordinary effort to make walking a part of their lives. Shouldn't you, too?

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