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A group of the nation's leading health and aging organizations have collaborated to produce a plan of action designed to ensure an increase in physical activity among the country's rapidly growing population of people age fifty or older.

Representatives from such organizations as AARP, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Geriatrics Society, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The National Institute on Aging, and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have led the effort to create a guide for use by organizations, associations and agencies to help increase physical activity among older persons.

Those who created the Blueprint have adopted the following as a mission statement:
We envision a society in which all people age 50 and older enjoy health and quality of life, which is enhanced through regular physical activity. We will inspire an approach to aging that encourages physical activity in all aspects of people's lives.
The Blueprint begins by providing background on health and physical activity among older Americans. The Blueprint then moves on to address both the barriers that inhibit the physical activity of this age group and the means to overcome such obstacles—through research, engineering, advocacy, publicy policy and medical systems.

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's press release:


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