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Updates on pedestrian events and conferences

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Download research, images, articles and more

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Your favorite experts share their knowledge and answer questions

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health and fitness
Walk for your life--whether you're 8 or 88, discover how walking can enrich your physical and mental health.

design and engineering
Dig into walking design elements and issues. Engineer solutions and strategies towards better walkability for everyone.

Feature: Coming soon...Designing for Changing Demographics

Feature: Designing for the Visually Impaired

rails and trails
Convert an old rail or canal towpath into a new pedestrian trail.

Feature: Coming soon...Bill Chipman Palouse Trail

Find out where public transit is thriving and why; plan to successfully combine walking and public transportation in your community

Living Longer, Walking Stronger: The Design Needs of Senior Pedestrians

Ina Evans demurs when asked to reveal her age, saying vaguely that it's "over 70." She has lived long enough to have had a successful magazine career in New York and to be the grandmother of two teenagers in Chapel Hill, N.C. where she now makes her home. Mrs. Evans remembers a time when Seventeen magazine wouldn't utter the word "s-e-x" in its pages- during the 1940s and 50s when she was a staffer there. She also remembers a time when walking across the street to the grocery store didn't entail risking her life.
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community problems and solutions
Determine how walkable your community is, envision how walkable it can be-and find workable solutions.

Feature: Coming soon...America's Most Walkable Cities

pedestrian crashes
From the crucial factors to accident prevention to crash stats.

outreach and promotion
Initiate change and create awareness about the public health and transportation benefits of walking.

education and enforcement
Make an issue out of pedestrian safety through community awareness, and programs targeting youth and older adults. Enforce rules of the road for pedestrians and motorists.

policy and planning
Is Walking a Part of Your City's Plan? Learn where policy is working, what makes a good pedestrian plan, and where to get funding. Realize the ways that walking neighborhoods build better neighborhoods.

Feature: CAR CULTURE: How America got hooked by little bugs and monster trucks--and everything in between-- and why it's time to park our automobile obsession.

Feature: Coming soon...Suburban Sprawl

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