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Motorists seldom give much thought to pedestrians. They are preoccupied with things that present a threat to them - other cars, busses, trucks and the like. Many drivers press the limits, driving fast, leaving little margin for error. It is easy to overlook people walking or standing along the road.

The peaceful interior of the modern car insulates the driver from the environment. They are out of the weather, comfortable and feel like they are in control. It is easy to become distracted or to forget that you are controlling several tons of steel moving 43 feet-per-second at 30 mph.

It is unlikely that drivers will ever love pedestrians. Drivers are likely to be unhappy with the delays involved in accommodating them. We must make drivers aware of their duty to keep a sharp lookout for people in and near the road. Drivers must also learn and comply with the rules-of-the-road that specify their duties when they encounter a pedestrian.

Striking a human being with a moving car is a horrible experience. Most drivers would tell you that they would do anything to avoid this. The plain fact is that many do not do even the most elementary things - looking out and being careful.

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