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read an overview of the issue

There is some debate over whether to target enforcement towards pedestrians, motorists or both. Some pedestrian and bicycling advocates believe that motorists are not held as accountable as they should be and are forgiven for serious driving violations.

For example, a motorist may say "I did not see the person" when in fact they simply failed to look. Motorists counter that pedestrians are often hard to see and behave in unpredictable ways. There is merit in each view.

Much of our population doesn't drive. Those who do drive are engaged in a dangerous activity. Driving is highly regulated and reasonably safe when people comply with the rules, are licensed and insured to undo the financial consequences of their mistakes.

It is the DRIVER who creates the risk and is responsible for avoiding injury to the people and property he passes. Clearly, pedestrians are a part of the problem. A sound enforcement program should address both groups.
pedestrian laws guide
pedestrian laws The Pedestrian Laws Guide contains vehicle and traffic laws that were judged to have the potential to affect pedestrian or bicycle safety, either positively or negatively.
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targeting the pedestrian
targeting the pedestrian Pedestrians have duties. They must stay off of certain roads and out of specified areas. They can cross most other streets in crosswalks. Outside crosswalks, they can cross if they yield right-of-way to cars.

targeting the driver
targeting the driver
Drivers have a duty to yield right-of-way to pedestrians crossing streets in marked or unmarked crosswalks. Many drivers seldom or never do so.
pedestrian sting operation
pedestrian sting operation
Reno, NV uses police decoy pedestrians to enforce the law for those on foot.