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Partial street closure

A partial street closure involves physically closing or blocking one direction of motor vehicle travel into or out of an intersection; it could also involve blocking one direction of a two-way street. Partial street closures at the entrance to a neighborhood or area should consider the traffic flow pattern of the surrounding streets as well. The design of this measure should allow for easy access by bicyclists and pedestrians.

A partial closure provides better emergency access than a full closure. Since this design also allows motorists to easily violate the prohibitions, police enforcement may be required. If the partial closure only eliminates an entrance to a street, a turnaround is not needed; closing an exit will generally require a turnaround.

This partial street closure is found in Phoenix, AZ.

The material provided on this page is from the FHWA publication "Pedestrian Facilities User Guide." This guide is currently under review by practicioners and others in the field. Subsequently, the material provided on this page is subject to change in the future.


full street closure

partial street closure

pedestrian streets / malls


• Prevent turns from an arterial street onto a residential street.

• Reduces the use of the street as a cut-through route.

• Restricts access to a street without creating one-way streets.


• Analyze whether less restrictive measures would work.

• Analyze whether other local streets will be adversely affected and/or access into or out of the neighborhood would not be adequate.

• Will create out-of-the-way travel for residents and put additional traffic on other streets.

• Do not use if the street is an emergency or school bus route.

• Will not solve speeding issues; speeds may increase on the new one-way street.

Estimated Cost:

A well designed, landscaped partial street closure at an intersection typically costs approximately $10,000 - $25,000. They can be installed for less if there are no major drainage issues and landscaping is minimal.

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