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Traffic signal enhancements

A variety of traffic signal enhancements that can benefit pedestrians and bicyclists are available. These include providing left turn phasing separate from pedestrian walk intervals, timing signals in sequence to encourage desired vehicle speeds, providing “leading pedestrian interval” timing to give enhanced pedestrian service, a brief all-red interval, providing larger traffic signals heads to ensure visibility, and placing signal heads so that motorists waiting at a red light can’t see the other signals and anticipate the green. Specific signal enhancements are described in detail on the following two pages, pedestrian signals and right turn on red.

The pedestrian has a dedicated walk phase at this intersection of a busy street and a trail crossing.

The pedestrian has a dedicated walk phase and is allowed to cross diagonally at this intersection.

The material provided on this page is from the FHWA publication "Pedestrian Facilities User Guide." This guide is currently under review by practicioners and others in the field. Subsequently, the material provided on this page is subject to change in the future.

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