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A gateway is a physical or geometric landmark that indicates a change in environment from a higher speed arterial or collector road to a lower speed residential or commercial district. Gateways may be a combination of street narrowing, medians, signing, archways, roundabouts, or other identifiable feature. Gateways send a clear message to motorists that they have reached a specific place and must reduce speeds. This can help achieve the goal of meeting expectations and preparing motorists for a different driving environment. Gateways are only an introduction and slower speeds are not likely to be maintained unless the entire area has been redesigned or other traffic calming features are used.

The combination of landscaping and a short median create a gateway to this neighborhood.

The material provided on this page is from the FHWA publication "Pedestrian Facilities User Guide." This guide is currently under review by practicioners and others in the field. Subsequently, the material provided on this page is subject to change in the future.

Roadway Narrowing

Lateral / Horizontal Shifts

Raised Devices

Complementary Tools

Whole Street Designs


• Creates an expectation for motorists to drive more slowly and watch for pedestrians where traffic enters a commercial business or residential district from a higher speed roadway.

• Creates a unique image for an area.


• Traffic slowing effects will depend upon device chosen and overall traffic calming plan for the area.

Estimated Cost:

Varies widely depending on measures chosen.

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