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Neighborhood Walking Guide

Are people not walking in your neighborhood? This guide will help you figure out why this may be the case.

Look through the following list of issues relating to why people are reluctant to walk in your neighborhood. If one of the issues looks like it applies in your neighborhood, click on it and you'll be provided with ways to address the issue and get more people walking in your neighborhood.

People do not like to walk because motorists are always speeding in my neighborhood.  
There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood or parts of sidewalks are missing.  
Sidewalks are broken, cracked, or blocked by obstacles in my neighborhood.  
There are no safe or easy ways to cross the streets in my neighborhood.  
People are intimidated by crime in my neighborhood.  
People don't want to walk in my neighborhood at night.  
My neighborhood is not a nice place to walk, there is trash everywhere and buildings are not kept up.  
My neighborhood looks barren, there are no trees and buildings are too far from the street.