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community problems and solutions
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Community Problems and Solutions

These days, communities everywhere face a wide number of walkability problems. From the comprehensive neighborhood walking guide to the easy-to-use checklist, this section provides resources to address problems of every shape and size. As an information clearinghouse, the PBIC also offers our network of technical professionals and experts to field any of your questions concerning pedestrian issues.

neighborhood walking guide
Nobody's walking in your area? Consult the guide and find out how to fix the problem.
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walkability checklist
Take a walk with the checklist to find out just how walkable your neighborhood is.
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walk to school events

Join millions across the world for a walk to school during the annual event in October.
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pedestrian safety campaign
link to outside site - Ped Safety Campaign
TV, radio, print PSA's, and other outreach materials to educate drivers and pedestrians are available on this FHWA site.
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